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Earn a $5,000 HIRING BONUS if you graduate from the 48th Certified Academy + eligibility up to $7,500 in RELOCATION REIMBURSEMENT!

You’re committed to the rewarding field of law enforcement. You’ve proven your skills and received peace officer certification with another agency. Now, keep growing and building your career with us -- and get paid more for your experience starting DAY ONE of our short-course Iowa Department of Public Safety Certified Academy training. The DPS 48th Certified Academy is designed for applicants who have received certification from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy or equivalent certification. We're hiring the following positions that will be filled with Certified Academy graduates: 

Trooper 1
Trooper 2
Fire Inspector



Applications for the 2023 Certified Academy are being accepted now, and the application period will remain open through September 11, 2022. If you're looking for an opportunity to move your career to the next level and serve the State of Iowa, this is the time! 

Get started today. You must complete and submit BOTH required application forms below. We recommend using a desktop or laptop accessing either Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. *** Required documents will be collected at a later time. Please DO NOT send your birth certificate or transcripts at this time.

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Please contact us at dpsapp@dps.state.ia.us with any questions or issues in regards to the online applications. 

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As you focus on your next step as a sworn officer, it’s important that you continue to receive an advanced salary that rewards your hard-earned years of service while you're training and after you graduate. In 2022, our DPS Basic Academy recruit and sworn-officer salaries increased between 4.5% and 13.5%. To enhance your transition, we’re offering competitively higher pay for several positions based on your valued years of law enforcement experience.

Plus, every graduate of our 48th Certified Academy can earn a $5,000 HIRING BONUS!

See the difference in joining the largest accredited law enforcement agency in Iowa right away with this advanced pay schedule. 

* Years of service start from the date of ILEA certification (excluding reserve peace officer status) or equivalent certification. 


OUR BENEFITS ARE UNMATCHEDLink to benefits graphic

The State of Iowa provides unbeatable benefits - a take home car, clothing/dry cleaning allowance, generous per diem, shift differential and more. And, we offer the best law enforcement retirement anywhere in Iowa. You can earn up to 88% of your final average pay upon retirement.

Relocation Reimbursement - Our newest benefit upon graduation from the 48th Certified Academy allows eligibility to receive up to $7,500 in relocation reimbursement.*

* DPS will reimburse academy graduates who are required to relocate up to $7,500 for moves greater than 50 miles.  General relocation reimbursement categories include:
•    Movement of Household Goods
•    Temporary Living Expenses
•    Real Estate Commission
•    Costs Associated with the Sale or Purchase of a Residence
•    Costs Incurred in Settling a Lease

See why it pays to badge up with us! 










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We know you’re busy and may even have a family. So, we’re conducting a shorter 10-week academy consisting of 400 hours to bring your skills and training in alignment with DPS standards, policies and procedures. Upon graduation, each officer will complete a customized field training program to finalize the transition to your assignment. 

The DPS Certified Academy will be conducted at the Camp Dodge military facility located in Johnston, Iowa. The academy runs from 8:00 AM Monday morning until approximately 5:00 PM on Friday afternoon. Recruits are required to stay on complex Monday through Friday but may return home on weekends.

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It is the Iowa Department of Public Safety's intention to accommodate assignment requests to place you in your desired county location. While every effort will be made to do this for officers, there is no guarantee that operational needs will always match up with location requests. County assignments will be communicated prior to the Academy start date.


We know you’re planning for the long game. That’s why we’ve made sure your career advancement with us sets you up well for retirement with enrollment in our Peace Officer Retirement (POR) program. Members of the Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System (411 system) qualify to receive a direct vested retirement transfer. This important benefit honors your years of service at a 1:1 ratio. Access the links below to request a transfer and learn more about the POR program and Iowa Code 97A.17, which defines the active vested retirement transfer from Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System (411 Retirement) to Peace Officer Retirement (POR) plan.

Transfer of Service To POR Form

Peace Officer Retirement Handbook

Iowa Code 97A.17


Make The State Your Career Home

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No matter where you serve today - whether you're in Iowa or beyond our borders - we hope you’ll consider a long law enforcement career with DPS following our short certification course. Per Iowa Code 501—3.4(2)(80B), applicants must have satisfactorily completed law enforcement training in another state commensurate with basic training required in Iowa, and be able to provide verification of same. This rule is intended to implement Iowa Code section 80B.11.

Learn more about out-of-state and military applicants here

We're Offering G.I. Benefits + On-The-Job Training

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For More Information Contact:

Recruiting and Hiring Coordinator
Professional Development Bureau
E-Mail: hedges@dps.state.ia.us
Phone: 515.725.6278