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APRIL 9, 2021 - A Proud Day In Iowa's History

On this day in 1921, the Iowa Legislature launched the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), starting a long tradition of partnership with Iowa law enforcement agencies. We celebrate 100 years of proudly serving Iowa citizens in communities across the state with professionalism, expertise, and compassion in support of our law enforcement partners. 

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SPECIAL GUESTS: Governor Reynolds, Senator Dan Dawson, Marshalltown Police Chief Michael Tupper

Friday, April 9, 2021

State Capitol - 1st Floor Rotunda

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Honoring Our Past — Shaping Our Future

For much of our existence, we have operated in the shadows to help find answers to Iowa crimes from the days of helping apprehend the infamous “Barrow Gang,” to assisting with the crash of United Flight 232, to decades of identifying and recording offenders in all 99 counties. In 2021, we shine a light on our past and future together. We will remember the commitment of early staff who shaped our division, and honor our current talented investigation and support teams who work to bring justice to victims and their families and hold those responsible for their crimes day in and day out. 

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Continuing A Tradition Of Service 

From the Iowa General Assembly's initial commitment in 1921 to investigate personal crimes, we have evolved and grown into a division that provides a full spectrum of criminal investigation services: 

  • Criminalistics Laboratory
  • Criminal History Record Checks
  • Fingerprint Identification
  • Field Operations
  • Missing Person Information Clearinghouse
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Special Enforcement Operations Bureau
  • Support Operations
  • Convicted Offender Web Program

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"Stashed away among the case files and lab reports of the BCI/DCI are moments in the history of Iowa and the lives of Iowans. In 2021, we will be working to share many of the moments with all of you. While some have grabbed headlines, each moment we share will be focused on the service of the DCI agents, criminalists, and support staff."  ADAM DECAMP - SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE & DCI100 CHAIR



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"100 Moments" Series

Since 1921, agents, criminalists, and support staff have excelled at documenting what we have done. The case reports, laboratory files, criminal history records, and offender tracking are each a testament to our ability to catalog our activities down to minute details. Those details have brought comfort to families, trust in a regulated industry, and justice to offenders. The combination of investigative details and the accompanying stories have created the moments that make the Bureau/Division of Criminal Investigation the agency that it is today. Many of these fascinating stories have never been told.

We're sharing stories throughout the year, so please revisit us often or follow us on our Facebook pages @IowaDCI and @DCICentennial. Enjoy!



100 MOMENTS #0-10

#0 - DCI100

#1 - Iowa Law Enforcement Before 1921

#2 - Birth of the Bureau

#3 - The DCI Today

#4 - Firearms Reference File

#5 - Polygraphs

#6 - Evansdale

#7 - Sex Offender Registry 

#8 - Resident Agent Program

#9 - Prohibition and the BCI

#10 - Breath Alcohol Analysis 

100 MOMENTS #11-20

#11 - People of Color in the BCI/DCI

#12 - The Curious Case of Thomas Dodd

#13 - Anatomy of An Investigation

#14 - Convicted Offender Program 

#15 - Ballistics Expert Andy Newquist

#16 - K9 Mousse

#17 - Ramblings of An Old Agent

#18 - Sting Operations 

#19 - U.S.A. v. Dustin Honken

#20 - The Evelyn Miller Investigation


100 MOMENTS #21-30

#21 - Forensic Science In Iowa

#22 - deoxyribonucleic acid - DNA

#23 - The Twists and Turns of the Blackie Strout Investigation

#24 - Field Operations Bureau

#25 - Support Operations Bureau

#26 - Special Enforcement Operations Bureau

#27 - Preserving Our Past

#28 - Criminalistics Laboratory

#29 - Hot Lotto

#30 - Rolling On The River

100 MOMENTS #31-40

#31 - This Is What The DCI Means To Me

#32 - Flight United 232

#33 Fingerprint Unit

#34 The 2013 Vollmer Recipient

100 MOMENTS #41-50

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100 MOMENTS #51-60

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100 MOMENTS #61-70

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100 MOMENTS #71-80

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100 MOMENTS #81-90

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100 MOMENTS #91-100

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