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Law Enforcement Dispatchers - the heroes you don't see

Communications Specialist JadeMeet Jade - A DPS Law Enforcement Dispatcher

Jade graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2017 with a degree in Criminology.  Her first post-school interview was with DPS Communications in Cedar Rapids.  After she was hired and trained, she hit the ground running!

In her almost three-year career, Jade has been on the radio during dozens of high speed pursuits and has handled several highly emergent 911 calls - all while being that calm and comforting voice to those in need on the other end of the phone line.


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Current Vacancies

The Department of Public Safety employs civilians to manage the four Communication Centers located throughout the state; Des Moines, Storm Lake, Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids. 

Law Enforcement Communications Center Specialists support field personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by rapidly and efficiently broadcasting information and maintaining continuous contact among DPS personnel and other emergency response agencies.

DPS Communication Centers offer unique, challenging and rewarding career paths to choose from.  Entry level positions as a Law Enforcement Communications Center Specialist 1  allow you to begin your career with a high school diploma. 

After one (1) year of service and with favorable performance evaluations, you can be "trainee-journeyed" into a Law Enforcement Communications Center Specialist 2.

Further advanced career opportunities can lead to a career as a Leadworker or a Communications Center Manager.