Dissemination Section Careers

Another unit within the Support Operations Bureau of the Division of Criminal Investigation is the Criminal History Record Dissemination Section. The main function of the Criminal History Record Dissemination Section is to process state and national criminal history record check requests from public and private agencies.

Civilian careers within this unit consist of a Public Service Supervisor, Criminal History Record Dissemination Clerks (Clerk Specialist), Accounting Technician, and a Non-criminal Justice Agency Auditor (Administrative Assistant II).

Many agencies and organizations have legal requirements to request criminal history record information.  The value placed on criminal history records has made record checks an essential part of the hiring process.  In an ongoing effort to protect the public and particularly our vulnerable populations, the Criminal History Record Dissemination Clerks make every effort to ensure information provided is as complete and accurate as possible.  They process over 260,000 requests annually from child care centers, schools, healthcare facilities, private businesses and law enforcement agencies, to name a few.

In addition to State of Iowa criminal history record checks, agencies may be required to request national criminal history record information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for employment or licensing purposes.  The Dissemination Section is required to review and approve access to FBI records as well as facilitate the process for the requesting agency.  As with the State of Iowa checks, many agencies are legally required to request FBI national checks.  An FBI national check requires fingerprints from each applicant.  The Criminal History Record Dissemination Clerks prepare over 38,000 fingerprint cards for processing annually.

Both State of Iowa and FBI criminal history record checks require a fee.  The Accounting Technician manages all the fees that are submitted with the requests, processes all forms of payment, maintains over 4,000 business accounts and prepares daily deposits and invoices.

The Non-Criminal Justice Agency (NCJA) Auditor is required to audit every agency that requests and receives FBI national criminal history record information.  The FBI has specific requirements for any agency that receives FBI national checks.  The NCJA Auditor has the responsibility to ensure the information is secure and handled as required by the FBI.  Currently, there are over 1,700 agencies that require auditing.