DPS Basic Training Academy

Academy recruits marching in formation

Once offered a position, peace officer recruits must attend the Department of Public Safety Basic Training Academy.  We invite all citizens and interested applicants to learn more about the DPS Basic Training Academy:

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The DPS Basic Training Academy is conducted at the Camp Dodge military facility located in Johnston, Iowa.

During the twenty (20) week academy, all training materials, meals, and lodging are furnished at no cost to the recruits.  Recruits receive a salary during academy training.  Subjects studied during the Academy include such topics as laws of arrest, search and seizure, defensive tactics, arrest techniques, precision driving, firearms, emergency management services, criminal law, physical fitness and motor vehicle law.

The academy runs from 8:00 AM Monday morning until approximately 5:00 PM on Friday afternoon. Recruits are required to stay on complex Monday through Friday but may go home on the weekends.

Upon graduation from the DPS Academy, each officer will complete at least 70 working days of field training for the Iowa State Patrol Trooper 2's who work from various District Offices around the state; 30 working days of field training for the Iowa State Patrol Trooper 1's who work from Post 16 (Capitol Complex in Des Moines); or up to 12 months of field training for the Department's Special Agent positions who work statewide.

GI Benefits for On-The-Job Training
The Department of Public Safety's Basic Training Academy is approved by the State of Iowa for G.I. Bill benefits under the on-the-job-training program.  This benefit is extended to National Guard members and Reservists also.