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DPS 46th Academy Information

46th DPS Academy Image


You have made it through the initial screening of the Minimum Qualifications and are being invited to participate in the selection process for the 46th DPS Basic Academy!

***All communication and/or correspondence should be directed to Shannon Hedges at ***

It is very important that you read ALL information and follow ALL directions carefully throughout the rest of this process to be a highly competitive and successful candidate.

Numbered below are important instructions.  Please read carefully:


photo link of Testing Reservation Form

1.) Testing Reservation Form - VERY IMPORTANT - You must pre-register for your Physical Fitness Assessment test date. You must email your completed form to Shannon Hedges at to be permitted to test.  Complete the form and email it ASAPDo this right away!



2.) 46th Selection Process Letter - IMPORTANT - This letter includes information on the selection process and specifics on the physical fitness assessment and P.O.S.T. Written Exam - the first two tests you will need to take. Also included in this letter is a checklist of documents you MUST bring with you to the P.O.S.T. Written Exam such as a certified birth certificate and high school and college transcripts.  Some of these documents may take a while to obtain, so make sure you get started on these right away.


Peace Officer Career Information Packet

3.) Peace Officer Career Information Packet - This is a great publication that will explain in detail every phase of the 10-step selection process.  FAQ's are also included.  The majority of the answers to your questions can be found here.  This packet also includes the specifics on the Physical Fitness Assessment requirements to pass.


Map of Camp Dodge

4.) Camp Dodge map - This outlines where the first two (2) testing phases will take place.  (The Physical Fitness Assessment and the P.O.S.T. Written Exam)


DPS Applicant Fitness Assessment Prep Plan

5.) DPS Applicant Fitness Assessment Prep Plan - a helpful plan to assist you in preparing for the Physical Fitness Assessment.  Check this out:  Thirty-six percent (36%) of applicants who take the PT test - FAIL IT!  Don't let this happen to you.  PLAN TO PASS!