Trooper 2

Photos of Troopers doing public service

The mission of the Iowa State Patrol (ISP) is "to preserve lives, rights and property through courtesy, service and protection."  Trooper 2's are responsible for providing a wide range of law enforcement services to the State of Iowa and primarily regulate the orderly flow of traffic on the state's highways and responds to local law enforcement agencies' requests for emergency assistance.  As sworn peace officers for the State of Iowa, Trooper 2's have a duty to detect and apprehend criminals and enforce all state laws. 

Iowa State Patrol Trooper 2's are assigned to District Offices statewide.   The minimum age requirement for a Trooper 2 is at least twenty-two (22) years of age at the time of graduation from the DPS Academy.   picture of trooper with information unique to a Trooper 2

Specific duties include:

  • provide Police Traffic Services in the areas of:
    a.  enforcing traffic laws
    b.  directing and controlling traffic
    c.  managing the scenes of traffic crashes
    d.  investigating traffic crashes
    e.  assisting the motoring public
    f.  interacting with the court system
    g.  assisting other law enforcement agencies
    h.  performing criminal highway interdiction
  • promote public safety through educational and informational services that encourage voluntary compliance with the law.  See information on Public Resource Officers (PRO).
  • contribute expertise in identification, investigation, and prosecution of individuals involved with vehicle theft/criminal enterprise, and the disposal of abandoned or stolen vehicles and property.
  • assist Federal, State and municipal agencies when specialized tactical, Homeland Security, and/or clandestine lab response teams are requested.
  • provide canine assistance for local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies to detect the presence of illegal drugs and currency.  See information on Canine (K-9) Handlers Specialty Unit.
  • maintains a fleet of fixed wing aircraft and a complement of pilots whose duties range from traffic enforcement to specialized criminal surveillance for criminal investigations.  Patrol pilots also provide a valuable public service by flying emergency blood and tissue match relays, searching for downed aircraft and searching for flood or drowning victims or lost persons.  See information on Air Wing Specialty Unit.
  • assist officers in identifying ill and fatigued commercial motor carrier operators with a goal of reducing collisions on Iowa's roadways.  See information on MCSAP Specialty Unit.


Trooper 2 Job Description