Specialty Units

As a law enforcement officer with the DPS, you will have many opportunities to work in several different positions while living in your chosen geographical area of the state.  Entry-level positions include a Trooper 1 (Capitol Complex in Des Moines) or Trooper 2 (statewide positions) in the Iowa State Patrol (ISP) and Special Agent in the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI)

When you become a seasoned, established officer, you can request internal transfers between any of the divisions and work in either uniformed and/or non-uniformed law enforcement positions throughout the course of your career.  DPS offers a wide variety of career paths for professional growth in positions with the ISP, DCI, as well as the Division of Narcotics Enforcement (DNE) and the State Fire Marshal Office (SFM).

Many future assignment possibilities could be yours!

Canine K9 Officer  *  Crisis Negotiator  *  Tactical Unit  *  Drug Recognition  *  Executive Protection  *  Fire Inspector

Honor Guard  *  Public Resource Officer  *  Trooper Pilot  *  Technical Collision  *  Vehicle Theft  *  Arson Investigator

Intelligence  *  Major Crimes Unit  *  Cyber Crimes Unit  *  Polygraph Examiner  *  Bomb Tech  *  Explosive K9 Handler

Sex Offender Registry  *  Joint Terrorism Task Force  *  Social Security Administration  *  Gambling Enforcement

Motor Carrier Safety Assistance