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Certified Handgun Safety Training Application

Firearm training organizations seeking approval by the Iowa department of public safety to certify individuals as handgun safety training instructors eligible to offer handgun safety training must meet the criteria outlined in Administrative Rule 661-91.

To qualify for Iowa Department of Public Safety approval as an organization authorized to certify instructors, the organization must meet, maintain, and submit the following items:

  1. A certificate of existence from the Iowa secretary of state issued within 60 days of application or, if a non-Iowa corporation, a certificate of authority to do business in Iowa.
  2. The course syllabi or lesson plans and the goals or objectives for instructor certification courses, which shall show that instructor candidates who successfully complete the courses possess knowledge, competence, and demonstrated proficiency in the area of handgun safety instruction and operation.
  3. The course syllabi or lesson plans and the goals or objectives for general student courses, which shall demonstrate that students will receive the basic requirements for a permit to carry a weapon as established by the Iowa department of public safety. The courses shall include:
    • Instruction in current Iowa laws related to use of deadly force, reasonable force, defense of home, and defense of property;
    • Instruction in basic handgun safety, safe handling, safe storage, and safe cleaning; and
    • Instruction in handgun nomenclature and the operation of pistols and revolvers.
  4. A copy of the certificate to be issued by the organization to instructors who complete the program.
  5. A copy of the résumé and firearm-related training credentials of the individual serving as the organization’s primary point of contact or owner, which shall demonstrate a minimum of five years of cumulative experience as a firearm instructor. This experience shall include firearm instructor duties related to military service or firearm instructor certification by the National Rifle Association or by an organization approved by the Iowa department of public safety pursuant to Iowa Code section 724.9A, the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy or another state’s department of public safety, state police department, or similar certifying body.
  6. A written description of how the organization will maintain instructor records.
  7. A written description of how the organization will maintain proficiency of instruction, including staying abreast of statutory changes that may affect what is being taught, and will ensure the instructional practices and integrity of instructors.
  8. The URL of a website containing a list of certified instructors or an electronic application that allows users to search and validate instructor credentials.
  9. An application processing fee of $500 (the certification of approval is valid for five years). Check or money order payable to:  Iowa Department of Public Safety.

Firearms training organizations seeking more information should contact or call 515.725.6230.

To apply for approval to certify handgun safety training instructors.


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