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Sullivan Brothers' Award of Valor - Historic Valor Award

Image of Sullivan Brothers and Medal of Valor.

The Historic Valor Award shall be awarded to peace officers and firefighters or any first responders who, while serving in an official capacity, distinguished themselves by the performance of an heroic act in excess of normal demands of police or fire service where the person was fully aware of the threat to his/her personal safety. The Historic Valor Award allows nominations from any time period, unlike the Sullivan Brothers' Award of Valor which only recognizes heroic actions performed within the last fiscal year.

The Historic Valor Award nominees MUST meet the same eligibility requirements (except for the timeframe of the heroic actions performed) as the Sullivan Brothers' Award of Valor and follow the same nomination process/procedures.

Nominations should be emailed to:     

Attention: Debbie McClung
Strategic Communications Bureau
Iowa Department of Public Safety
Office of the Commissioner
215 E. 7th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
E-Mail: Sullivan Brothers' Award of Valor
Phone: 515.725.6093