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Sullivan Brothers' Award of Valor - Nominating

A supervisory officer/firefighter who believes that the action of a subordinate may warrant receipt of the Sullivan Brothers' Award of Valor shall submit a recommendation to the highest ranking authority of the agency involved in the form of written communication.

The communication shall contain a statement of the action, statements of witnesses (if practical), and any other information which would assist in an evaluation of the action.

The officer/firefighter to whom the recommendation is submitted shall cause the nomination to be investigated and shall include but not be limited to:

  • A detailed statement of the act performed, including the nominee's full name, current residence (address), date of birth and nominee's title held at the time of the heroic actions.
  • Date and place where the act was performed.
  • Copies of any news accounts of the incident.
  • Statements from any available witnesses.

Likewise, the report shall contain a recommendation to the Committee from the highest ranking authority and shall be submitted by June 30th of each year for the preceding fiscal year for consideration by the Commendation Committee. Presentation ceremonies for those who warrant award of the Sullivan Brothers' Award of Valor shall be held during the ceremony held in late fall each year.

While it is the intent of these procedures for recommendations to channel through the organizational structure, nothing herein shall preclude civil authorities from recommending, investigating, and submitting nominations to the Sullivan Brothers' Commendation Committee in accordance with the procedures outlined.

Nominations should be emailed to:     

Attention: Sergeant Alex Dinkla
Public Information Officer
Iowa Department of Public Safety
Office of the Commissioner
Phone: 515.725.6189