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On June 14, 2022, Governor Reynolds announced $100 million in school safety funding to support Iowa’s 327 public districts and 183 nonpublic and independent schools. 

"This public safety initiative is about what the State of Iowa is doing to act, not react, on the critical national issue of school safety," said Governor Reynolds. "We are working to ensure our schools and local law enforcement are prepared to both respond to and deter threats to the safety of students, teachers and staff. Sensible actions today can prevent tragedy tomorrow."

Governor Reynolds charged the Iowa Department of Public Safety with the formation of the state's first Governor's School Safety Bureau, and provided four primary objectives for this initiative including:

1. Provide an emergency radio to every school in Iowa.


2. Provide active shooter training to schools and places of worship.


3. Provide active shooter training to Iowa law enforcement and first responders.


4. Develop and monitor a threat reporting tool that is assessable via an app, website, and telephone.



Governor's School Safety Bureau

Don Schnitker - Bureau Chief and Special Agent In Charge

215 E 7th St., Des Moines, IA 50319

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