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Iowa special Traffic Enforcement Program (sTEP)   

Iowa's sTEP invites statewide participation by all law enforcement in Iowa in cooperative "high visibility" traffic enforcement effort coordinated around a holiday.  There are five enforcement events ranging from 4 to 14 days and three of the waves are in connection with national mobilization campaigns.  These events call for heightened traffic enforcement for all traffic violations with the main effort to raise awareness in safety belt use as the best means of protection in the case of a motor vehicle collision.

FFY 2021 Enforcement Dates

November 16 - 29, 2020

December 18, 2020 - January 1, 2021

May 24, 2021 - June 6, 2021 (Pre/Post Seat belt survey required)

July 2-5, 2021

August 20, 2021 - September 6, 2021

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sTEP 2021 Calendar

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            For more information on Iowa's
special Traffic Enforcement Program (sTEP)
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