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ISICS BoardThe Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System Board (ISICSB) became a reality in 2007. The board held its first meeting in October of 2007 and one of the first items discussed was the need for a tool to get information out to everyone. There was discussion about using a website as the mechanism for "getting the word out." Websites serve people in many ways; our goal is to use this site as our link to the communities, organizations, offices, elected officials, PSAPs, and other stakeholders. They could be directly impacated by decisions and work conducted by the ISICSB. Our partnership reaches from all disciplines with a mission on unifying all of our common interests. Working together, we can make our state a great place to live, prosper and communicate.

The design and idea behind building the ISICSB website was one of the first orders of business for the new statewide board on October 2007. Websites have a way of creating ownership in what is happening and serve as a great way to connect to anyone who is unable to attend a meeting. Whether you are trying to catch up on meeting minutes or just wanting to keep informed, that is the goal of this website. By building this site, we hope to create a new level of interaction with our fellow communications enthusiasts statewide and nationally, the idea of interoperability is not a new paradigm of thinking, but, it has finally arrived in Iowa and we are trying our best to meet the challenge.