Professional Development Bureau

various pictures of training facilitated by the Professional Development Bureau

The Professional Development Bureau (PDB) is responsible for facilitating training for over 550 sworn peace officers in the Department of Public Safety.  In addition to this task, the Bureau coordinates all DPS background investigations, sworn employee promotional processes and medical physicals.  

The Professional Development Bureau plans and coordinates the DPS law enforcement officer selection process and directs the DPS Academy.

In 2020, the Bureau will be facilitating training and updates including, but not limited to:

Training on the MILO Range firearm simulator
               Training on the MILO Range

  • Rifle Optics: Installation and Qualification 
  • Weapon Qualifications
  • Vehicle Close Quarter Battle
  • IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) Advanced Medical 
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations 
  • Traffic Incident Management 
  • Interview and Interrogation/Evidence Collection and Report Writing
  • Biased Based Policing
  • Ethics Training
  • Accident Investigation
  • Blood Borne Pathogen
  • First Line Supervisor
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Dependent Adult/Child Abuse
  • All Iowa Hazard Plan
  • IT Security Awareness
  • 2020 Legislative Law Update
  • Verbal Defense and Influence
  • Physical Fitness Annual Testing
  • Defensive Tactics                                                                                        

In addition, all sworn officers will receive training with real, life-like scenario based training via the MILO Range - a firearms training simulator.

The Professional Development Bureau is directed and overseen by Bureau Chief, Lt. David Halverson and Sgt. Joshua Duden.

photo of Lt. David Halverson     photo of Sgt. Joshua Duden

             Lt. David Halverson                                         Sgt. Joshua Duden
                  Bureau Chief                                            Assistant Bureau Chief
        Academy Camp Commander