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Professional Standards Bureau

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Mission Statement

The Professional Standards Bureau is the investigative arm of the Department of Public Safety. The Bureau exists to assure the public that the policies, procedures, values, and guiding principles of the Department are upheld.  The Bureau primary focus is to establish a prompt, fair, thorough, factual, and impartial means to investigate allegations of misconduct involving Department personnel.  The Bureau has responsibility for ensuring that the professional standards and integrity of the Department and its members are maintained.   Integrity and honesty are paramount to our profession and it is expected of all employees.  Integrity produces an atmosphere of credibility and honesty produces an environment of trust. Integrity is our standard; it is the cornerstone of our profession.

Professional Standards Bureau Duties:

  • Investigation of all alleged misconduct by Department employees.
  • Record, document and control the investigation of citizen complaints against Department employees.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all Professional Standards Bureau investigations.
  • Identify personal and procedural issues among Departmental employees which may adversely affect their performance, to intervene when appropriate and provide assistance with those issues as necessary.


Complaints and Compliments

The Professional Standards Bureau investigates all complaints and compliments regarding the service or conduct of Department employees. The Department recognizes outstanding law enforcement performance through the formal use of commendations. Expressions of appreciation for services or actions by Department employees are greatly appreciated. Letters recognizing employees for their actions are encouraged and may be forwarded to the Professional Standards Bureau.

A proper relationship fostered by confidence and trust between the Department of Public Safety and the citizens of the State of Iowa, or visitors to our state, is essential to effective law enforcement. The function of the Professional Standards Bureau is to foster this relationship and provide citizens with a fair and effective means for lodging legitimate complaints against Department employees.  

If you have a complaint or compliment, please contact the Professional Standards Bureau:  

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  Telephone:  515.725.6270
U.S.Mail:  Iowa Department of Public Safety
Professional Standards Bureau
215 E 7th St
Des Moines IA  50319