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Alcohol & Inhalant Analysis

Alcohol analysis is performed in both blood and urine.


January 1, 2008 - Alcohol Policy Click to read Policy Statement (required)

Click on the video above to view the training video and then click here to download the form (PDF / Word) and submit it to

Go to the breath alcohol DCI site, Do a search of your name in the officer training records – you will see here if you were trained.


Urine alcohol analysis samples MUST be in a gray stoppered tube with:100 mg of Sodium flouride20 mg of Potassium Oxalate or some other equivalent preservative

Two results (grams/57mL) (grams/67mL) are reported when the urine sample is a first or random void. One result (grams/67mL) is reported when the urine sample is a 2nd void. Due to potential for production of alcohol post collections, urine sample storage (1% NaF) is critical.


Inhalant Analysis
  • The laboratory tests for inhalants in both blood and urine.
  • Inhalant testing for urine cases should be requested in the case comments section upon submission.
  • The biological sample can be placed in any type of evidence container (bottle or gray topped tube).
  • The most common inhalant the laboratory detects and reports out is Difluoroethane.
  • Some examples of inhalants the laboratory detects are: *Sevoflurane, Methanol, Toluene & Acetone.

*Sevoflurane is an anesthetic and may be given to a subject by medical personnel.

  • Inhalants detected on a person’s breath may cause an “INTERFERENCE DETECTED” response from the DataMaster.


Approved Blood and Urine Kits:
  1. Tri-Tech @ 1-800-438-7884
    UC-1 (one bottle)
    BA-2 (two tubes)
    PM-3 (one bottle & two tubes)
  2. Forensic Source @ 1-800-852-0300
    #3010 - (one bottle)
    #BU-3 - (one bottle & two tubes)
  3. Lynn Peavy @ 1-800-255-6499
    #03905 or equivalent
  4. Arrowheads Forensics @ 1-800-953-3274
    A-BAU-10 (one bottle & two tubes)
    A-USCK-10 (one bottle)
    A-BAS-10 (two tubes)
  5. Drugsmart containers or equivalent
    (For drug analysis only)
  6. Other kits that would be equivalent to the kits mentioned above.