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Toxicology FAQ's

How many toxicology reports will I receive?

You will receive at least one report for the alcohol & screening results. Depending on the number of positive screens, there will be additional reports from different criminalists within the toxicology section.

How will I know when I have received the last report?

The last toxicology report will have a 90 day destroy statement on it. You can keep track for the total number of all reports for your case by the number in the upper right hand corner.

Is it possible to have additional testing done on a case?

Yes, additional testing is possible as long as there is sufficient quantity of sample, the DCI tests for the drug of interest, the DCI still has the evidence, and it hasn't been destroyed.

What do I do if I do not want the evidence destroyed?

Contact the DCI evidence room, in writing with the DCI case number, suspect or victim name, request that the sample be saved, the duration the sample needs to be saved and contact information.

Will DCI send the evidence to another laboratory?

1.    ISP cases only:  Yes, DCI will maintain the chain of custody and send the sample to another lab for testing.  You must indicate this in writing where you want the sample to be sent and the address.  The analysis is not a DCI expense.  Contact the DCI evidence room to make arrangements.  DCI Laboratory (515) 725-1500.

2.    Non-ISP cases: No.  We will return the evidence to your agency, upon written request, for your agency to send to a private lab.

How long does it take to get a screen or confirmation(s) analysis?

This depends on the number of cases and current backlog. For a specific question on a case, it's best to call the lab to discuss time frame for the completion of your evidence.

What is a metabolite of a drug and why would it be listed on a report?

Metabolites are formed as part of the natural biochemical process of degrading and eliminating the compounds from the body. Some drugs pass through the body intact while others may be partially or totally metabolized to another form to facilitate elimination. Thus a confirmation report may indicate the parent drug was identified, or it may indicate that a metabolite of the parent drug was identified or it may indicate that both were identified.