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Gambling Enforcement Activities

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During FY2018 Special Agents conducted 843 criminal investigations including theft, forgery, falsifying an IRGC license application, cheating at gambling games, money laundering, narcotics, trespassing, and minors gambling. In addition to criminal investigations, Special Agents conducted 2,001 background investigations in FY2018. These included backgrounds on major corporations doing gaming related business in Iowa, extensive backgrounds on high level gaming company executives, backgrounds on employees working in gaming-related positions (cashiers, cage employees, security guards, surveillance operators) and backgrounds on employees working in non-gaming related positions (housekeeping, valet staff, stable workers, kennel staff).

Regulatory enforcement duties at Iowa gaming venues include the extensive review and approval of each gaming venue's surveillance system including all cameras, recording equipment, and storage devices; inspections of table games, cards, dice, pit stands, and other areas of the casino; and enforcement of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission Rules and Regulations.