Driver License Law in Iowa

321.174 Operators licensed — operation of commercial motor vehicles.

1. A person, except those expressly exempted, shall not operate any motor vehicle upon a
highway in this state unless the person has a driver’s license issued by the department valid
for the vehicle’s operation.

2. a. A person operating a commercial motor vehicle shall not have more than one driver’s
license. A nonresident may operate a commercial motor vehicle in Iowa if the nonresident
has been issued a license by another state, a nonresident commercial driver’s license or
nonresident commercial learner’s permit, or a driver’s license issued by a foreign jurisdiction
which the federal highway administration has determined to be issued in conformity with the
federal commercial driver testing and licensing standards, if the license, commercial driver’s
license, commercial learner’s permit, or driver’s license is valid for the vehicle operated.
b. A person who operates a commercial motor vehicle upon the highways of this state
without having been issued a driver’s license valid for the vehicle operated commits a simple
c. A person who operates a commercial motor vehicle upon the highways of this state
after the person’s commercial driver’s license or commercial learner’s permit has been
downgraded to a noncommercial status pursuant to section 321.207 commits a simple

3. A licensee shall have the licensee’s driver’s license in immediate possession at
all times when operating a motor vehicle and shall display the same upon demand of a
judicial magistrate, district associate judge, district judge, peace officer, or examiner of the
department. If the licensee has been issued a commercial learner’s permit, the licensee’s
driver’s license includes both the licensee’s commercial learner’s permit and the licensee’s
underlying commercial or noncommercial driver’s license. However, a person charged with
violating this subsection shall not be convicted and the citation shall be dismissed by the
court if the person produces to the clerk of the district court, prior to the licensee’s court date
indicated on the citation, a driver’s license issued to that person and valid for the vehicle
operated at the time of the person’s arrest or at the time the person was charged with a
violation of this section. Upon dismissal, the court or clerk of court shall assess the costs of
the action against the defendant named on the citation.
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