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Honor Guard

Honor Guard Performing a Flag Fold

Formed in 1982, the Iowa State Patrol Honor Guard strives to set the standard for all members by exemplifying the highest level of professionalism and appearance in state law enforcement.  The Honor Guard's mission is to represent the Department of Public Safety at funerals, memorial services, ceremonial events, and to honor other law enforcement agencies when requested.  

In addition to the duties and responsibilities of a State Trooper, officers selected as Honor Guard members must possess expertise which includes, but is not limited to; the ability to follow strict guidelines for close order drill, flag presentation, and flag display.  Training consists of close order drills, ceremonial rifle manual of arms, color guard procedures, 21-gun salute, flag folding, casket drills, death watch, and uniform inspection and maintenance.  The Iowa State Patrol Color/Honor Guard is comprised of four teams organized by areas across the state (A, B, C and D). 

The Iowa State Patrol Honor Guard is represented in more than thirty events a year.  Some notable events include; multiple Peace Officer Memorial Ceremonies, the Iowa State Fair Parade, as well as various ceremonial events.