Iowa State Patrol Initiatives

The Iowa State Patrol strives to reduce traffic fatalities across Iowa. Each year, the Iowa State Patrol adopts a set of initiatives to focus in on and provide further education about. 

The Iowa State Patrol's initiatives are:

Under 300 Initiative
Iowa State Patrol's Steps to Reduce Traffic-Related Fatalities

Seatbelts (S)

 The 6% of Iowa drivers and passengers who go unbuckled account for 44% of Iowa's vehicle fatalities. Seatbelt usage saves lives!

 Troopers will:  Vigorously enforce Iowa's Seatbelt Law.

Impaired Driving (I)

 Crashes on Iowa roadways involving drugged or alcohol impaired drivers are on the rise.

 Troopers will:  Prioritize the detection and apprehension of impaired drivers.

Distracted Driving (D)

 Vehicle lane departure or the vehicle leaving the roadway are contributing factors in 56% of serious injury crashes in Iowa.

 Troopers will:  Utilize unmarked vehicles to enhance distracted driving enforcement efforts.

Excessive Speed (E)

 Traveling in excess of the posted speed limit and traveling too fast for roadway conditions is the #1 leading cause of vehicle crashes in Iowa.

 Troopers will: Aggressively enforce Iowa's speed limit laws.

YOU can help prevent motor vehicle crashes from occurring and SAVE LIVES!