Consumer Fireworks Site Inspection Training Information

 ImageTrend License Management System (LMS) Inspector Training


Consumer Fireworks Inspector Training - Part 1


Consumer Fireworks Inspector Training - Part 2


Consumer Fireworks Violation Charge Codes

Sequence # Code Section Charge Description
280216 100.19(2)(b) No Valid Seller License
288120 100.19(4)(a) Consumer Fireworks Retailer Build/Structure Does Not Meet Code Requirements
288136 100.19(4)(b) Retailer/Community Group-No Proof of Liability Insurance
288124 100.19(4)(c)(1) Permanent Build-Violation of Sale Dates
288128 100.19(4)(c)(2) Temporary Structure-Violation of Sale Dates
280404 100.19(4)(d) Transfer of Fireworks To Person Under Age 18