IEEB - Continuing Education

In the dynamic world of the electrical industry, technologies, codes and standards, and customer requirements are constantly changing. Therefore, Iowa-licensed electricians are required to participate in continuing education to maintain their electrical licenses. These courses help electrical professionals gain and maintain the essential skills that are necessary to be successful in today’s competitive electrical industry. Within each three year license-cycle, licensed electricians are required to attend no fewer than 18 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) of which at least 6 CEUs must be on the most recent electrical code and the remainder on electrical code-related topics. If you have not had your license for the full 3-year term, you will need 6 CEUs for each year of the license-cycle in which you held a license, with at least 6 hours over the National Electrical Code. The Electrical Examining Board approves each instructor and their respective courses, with the course information posted on our website.

PLEASE NOTE: Instructors have 30 days from the date of the class to submit continuing education credit hours to our website. If your online license account does not reflect a class you attended, please check with the instructor.

Continuing Education Requirements

Approved Continuing Education Courses:

To view approved continuing education classes, go to:, DO NOT LOG IN.
Click on the “License and Course” Search link seen on the top left of the page. Then click on “Course Search”.

CEUs are not required for Apprentice, Unclassified Person, Special Electrician, Residential Electrical Contractor, and Electrical Contractor licenses.

To view your current continuing education credits, go to: Click the bottom orange tab that says “Electrical Licensing System” and log in with your email address and password. If you have not logged into this website, you can establish your personal online license account by going to: and clicking the bottom orange tab that says “Electrical Licensing System”. Then set up your account by clicking on “NEW USER”. If you have ever held a license issued by the State of Iowa, the first and last names MUST match what was listed on the previous license-card. Enter your name exactly as shown on your Iowa electrical license.

When your online license account is set up, you will see your license number listed on your personal license web page. Click on your license number, and your credited continuing education hours will be shown.

File a Complaint on a CEU Instructor 

Email Complaint form to or fax to 515.725.6151.