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Traffic Incident Management (TIM)

Doug Allen
Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Coordinator; Deputy Fire Chief, Ames Fire Department or
Phone: 515.727.3426

The FSTB is proud to sponsor Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training, to bring fire, law enforcement, public works, and other roadway response partners together to understand each other’s role in a roadway emergency and to help keep said responders safe while performing their duties.

Traffic crashes happen every day on Iowa roadways.  The men and women who respond to these crashes put their lives on the line every time that call comes in.

Whether you're a law enforcement officer, emergency medical technician, firefighter, tow truck operator, transportation worker, or any number of others who respond to crashes, making the crash scene safer and clearing the roadway as soon as possible is a priority to increase safety for all of us.

Traffic Incident Management is a four-hour training program developed to coordinate better the efforts of multi-discipline responders to work traffic incidents cooperatively, efficiently, and safely; there-by improving safety for all responders and everyone else on the road.

The Iowa Traffic Incident Management program is presented with multiple instructors from different disciplines and is intended for anyone who responds to an incident scene.  The clear message for the program is that we're all in this together.  All disciplines are there for the same reason, and each has different priorities and objectives. When all disciplines have an understanding of each other's goals and priorities, it's easier for everyone to be more efficient in their roles.  That translates into less time on the road in a dangerous environment.