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DPS Waivers/Variances


Rules for which a petition for a waiver have been granted or denied: 

401.113(11) Summary reports. When the department grants a waiver, the department shall submit the required information on the department’s website within sixty (60) days.  The department’s website shall identify the rules for which a waiver has been granted or denied, the number of times a waiver was granted or denied for each rule, a citation to the statutory provisions implemented by these rules, and a general summary of the reasons justifying the board's actions on waiver requests. To the extent practicable, the department shall include information detailing the extent to which the granting of a waiver has established a precedent for additional waivers and the extent to which the granting of a waiver has affected the general applicability of the rule itself.


Iowa Administrative Code 661-10.222(17A)

Iowa Administrative Code 661-401.113(17A,97A)

Rules and Variances Granted Since 2007