Each year in May, State of Iowa leadership, law enforcement, and families gather at the Iowa Peace Officer Memorial in Des Moines to pay tribute to fallen peace officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Night POM

In April 2024, the Iowa Peace Officer Memorial Lighting Project was completed. This radiant tribute which is lit every night from dusk until dawn further illuminates the valor of fallen officers.

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About the Memorial

The Peace Officer Memorial is fronted by a stone which explains the artist's conception of the elements of the memorial. The stone reads: 

The three outer forms represent the three levels of law enforcement in Iowa. 

The equal spacing represents the equal sharing of responsibility.  

The circles represent the cooperation and fraternity between agencies and departments. 

The three gray paths to the center represent the agencies and departments uniting to serve, sacrifice, and mourn. 

The center pinnacle represents the service, dedication, and sacrifice shared by each peace officer.  

The top of each outer form represents the aim of each peace officer with the goal being just short of the ultimate act of giving one's life, which is represented by the top of the center pinnacle.

The memorial stone also lists the committee members who planned and organized the development and dedication of the memorial. Those members include: the Honorable Terry E. Branstad, Governor of Iowa, the Honorable Lee Holt, State Senator, Adrian D. Anderson, Raymond K. Baker, Glenn F. Brockett, Cindy Hill-Collier, George S. Mills, Gene W. Shepard, and Connie A. White. 

Supplementing the Iowa Peace Officer Memorial are two plaques which are on display at the Iowa Department of Public Safety in the Oran Pape State Office Building. One plaque recognizes each Iowa peace officer who has died in the line of duty, and the other recognizes Iowans who have died while engaged in law enforcement or closely-related functions, but who were not peace officers. 


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2024 Honorees

Link To 2024 Iowa Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony Photo Album

Kevin Cram

Officer Kevin M. Cram - Algona Police Department - End of Watch September 13, 2023

Officer Kevin Cram, 33, was serving an arrest warrant for a suspect in Algona, Iowa, on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. Officer Cram told the suspect he was going to be arrested when the suspect opened fire, striking him. Officer Cram’s fellow officers and first responders rushed to his aid, transporting him to the Kossuth Regional Health Center in Algona, where he was tragically pronounced deceased. 

Officer Cram served in law enforcement for ten years and had served with the Algona PD since 2015. Officer Kevin Cram was not just an officer. He was a loving husband to Lara Cram and a devoted father to his three sons. With ten years of dedicated service in law enforcement, his commitment to his community and duty was unwavering. We honor his memory and sacrifice, grateful for his service and mourning the loss of a true hero.


Officer Phoukham Tran - Des Moines Police Department - End of Watch November 2, 2023

On August 19, 2011, Officer Phoukham Tran stood bravely, directing traffic in front of the Iowa State Fairgrounds main gate, embodying dedication and service to his community when he was struck by a drunk driver, leading to critical head and internal injuries that forever changed his life. 

For a month, Officer Tran fought for his life at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Over the following four months in rehabilitation facilities, he displayed incredible strength and resilience, relearning the simplest of tasks we often take for granted - talking, walking, writing, and carrying out daily routines. Despite the uphill battle, Officer Tran faced this adversity with unwavering determination and grace. After dedicating 30 years of his life to serving and protecting the community with the Des Moines Police Department, Officer Tran made the difficult decision to medically retire. His legacy, however, continued to inspire all who knew him.

On November 2, 2023, Officer Tran passed away at MercyOne Medical Center in Des Moines due to injuries sustained from the crash 12 years ago. He leaves behind a legacy of courage and resilience that will forever be remembered. He is survived by his beloved wife, Chalouaiphone Tran, his two sons, six siblings, cherished grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.

We pay tribute to Officer Tran's selfless dedication, unwavering courage, and indomitable spirit. His impact on the community and all those who had the privilege of knowing him will forever be cherished and honored.


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Nominate An Officer


All submissions will be reviewed by the Iowa Peace Officer Memorial Committee, which is comprised of representatives from the Iowa State Sheriffs' and Deputies' Association, Iowa State Police Association, Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, and the Iowa Department of Public Safety to ensure all criteria for inclusion are met.



Nominations may be made by an Iowa law enforcement agency. Only officers whose deaths occur in a line-of-duty incident will be considered. 

Nominations must be made in writing and should include:    

  • Photograph of the victim officer (if a photo is not available, please submit the completed form)
  • Death certificate and/or coroner's report
  • Initial police/incident report
  • Copy of victim officer's sworn officer certificate
  • Copies of news articles regarding the incident/death

All nominations must be submitted on the form provided on this site. 


Please submit nomination forms to Sergeant Alex Dinkla at the contact information listed below.

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Roster of Memorial Honorees

In memory of the 198 Iowa Peace Officers who gave their lives in protecting the rights and privileges of Iowans. These absent friends and colleagues will never be forgotten:

Philip J. Adams | Henry Agnew | Charles T. Andreano | Gilbert G. Androy | Henry J. Arends | Ralph R. Ash | Maurice M. Baggs | Aaron Bailey | John Bailey | Felix A. Barta | Bobby J. Barrickman | Douglas P. Bell | Anthony D. Beminio | Ted Benda | Earl H. Berendes | Jimmie M. Biggs | Warren H. Binegar | Harry M. Blomquist | Harry L. Booton | John H. Bousman | Levi A. Bowers | Robert R. Bornholdt | James G. Britton | Jamie D. Buenting | Leonard J. Bulman | Mark J. Burbridge | James W. Busby | George M. Butcher | Orrin L. Case | Marion A. Conrey | John P. Conway | Newton F. Collings | Robert C. Coulter | James J. Cowart | Cecil M. Crawford | Charles E. Crill | Glen R. Crouse | Claude B. Dail | Louis H. Dayton | Joseph P. Davidchik | Harry E. Davis | Harold C. Degear | Frank Delmege | Lance G. Dietsch | Wendell F. Dilworth | Wilber W. Dorman | Pitt M. Doxsie | Everett L. Dutcher | Sulvan E. Dykstra | Richard L. Eggleston | Susan L. Farrell | Michael L. Farnsworth | Joseph C. Feely | Reuben Fenstenmaker | John H. Finley | Jake Frith | Leland A. Fry | Ralph F. Garthwaite | Charles H. Gates | Bernard H. Geerts | Theodore E. Gerischer | Stanley E. Gerling | Charles P. Gillin | William Goodenbour | Menzo C. Grady | Thomas P. Griffin | Carroll E. Halligan  | Samuel Hamilton | Henry Hanfeld | William R. Hanshaw | Patrick J. Hatton | Laverne G. Haubert | Kipton L. Hayward | Phillip A. Heimbecker, Sr. | Robert D. Heller | Leo Hemmer | Jon E. Hermann | Frank A. Herzog | Donald E. Hewitt | William E. Hickman | Roger R. Hildreth | Dennis E. Hill | Micheal W. Hoing | Howard W. Holdefer | Steven T. Howard | Charles C. Jackson | Lewis R. Jones | Norman D. Juhl | William H. Jurgens | Joseph Kaschmitter | Harold E. Klinkefus | Johannes F. Koch | Cecil G. Lafromboise | Peter J. Larson | Edward M. Leeney | Elmer J. Lennon | John F. Lievens | Charles J. Lodine | Albert M. Logan | Charley Loucks | Gaylord Lyman | Cornelius J. Mccarthy | Clint Mcconnell | William B. Mcdaniel | Dennis R. Mcelderry | Charles V. Mcgriff | Daniel M. Mcpherren, Sr. | Vinton J. Margretz | Dewey Marshall | Justin S. Martin |George W. Mattern | William A. Maxwell | William L. Meadows | William R. Mehlhorn, Jr. | Albert Meisner | Brian C. Melton | Shawn G. Miller | Wilbur B. Miller | Frank Mommer | Claude E. Moore | Thomas D. Moore | Carlos B. Puente-Morales | Jake Mulder | William F. Mullikin | Robert G. Murray | John K. Myers | Jacob Neibert | Thomas Nicholson | Allen P. Nieland | Daniel D. Norton | Timothy O’Brien | James L. O’Malley | Ralph W. Ogan, Jr. | Harry Ogilvie | Duane H. Otto | Stevan H. Owen | Albert Paul | Oran H. Pape | Albert Patton | Harold H. Pearce | Gerald D. Pickett | Charles C. Platner | William B. Ramsey | Wayne R. Rice | Austin W. Richardson | Ronald G. Roberts | James E. Rodine | Raymond E. Rogers | Frederick W. Sauer | Peter Scanlon | George W. Schane | Stephanie J. Schreurs | Francis M. Shepherd | Rupert L. Shepherd | Allen F. Shoemaker | Cole B. Shatswell | Michael H. Smit | Frank Smith | Jim K. Smith | Robert L. Smith | Rolland P. Smith | Howard J. Snider | Emil A. Speth | Robert G. Sproat | James A. Staggs | John L. Stephens | Eric J. Stein | Todd W. Stone | William E. Strain | Billy B. Sutherlin | Bret N. Sunner | M.A. Swatta | John Swearingen | William F. Sweet | Henry Talcott | Ollie D. Thomas| Ralph E. Thomas | Mark E. Toney | Virgil G. Untied | Marvin C. Vanderlinden | John E. Vanhaaften | Ernest H. Wahlert | Thomas Walsh | Abner Whitney | Charles G. Whitney | Fred P. Widmann | John K. Williams | Richard D. Williams | George O. Williamson | Francis Wilson| George W. Wilson | Elijah E. Wishart | Sean T. Wissink | Jack L. Woodard | Clarence Woolman | George A. Wright | Phoukham Tran | Kevin M. Cram

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