The Governor’s School Safety Bureau was established in June 2022 to support Iowa’s 327 public school districts and 183 non-public and independent schools in preventing school violence. The Bureau is funded through 2025 by ARPA funds and has seven full-time employees and one supervisor. GSSB is tasked with helping Iowa law enforcement agencies and school districts better identify and respond to security threats at local schools through the following objectives:

  • Provide an emergency radio to every school in Iowa
  • Provide active shooter training to schools and places of worship
  • Provide active shooter training to Iowa law enforcement and first responders
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In March 2023, GSSB launched a free, anonymous school threat reporting tool for all public and accredited non-public schools across the state called Safe+Sound Iowa . Students, school staff, parents, and community members can submit school safety concerns anonymously using the Safe+Sound Iowa mobile app, website or the toll-free tip line at 800.224.6018. 

GSSB administers and monitors Safe+Sound Iowa, which shares information provided in these reports in real time with school administrators and law enforcement to address the issue and prevent acts of violence or self-harm. 

By promoting proactive measures and community involvement, our school safety program helps schools create environments where students can learn, grow, and thrive without fear. Safe+Sound Iowa continues to gain momentum, teaching school communities how to spot warning signs of violence and when and how to get help. 

March 2024 Statistics 


# of reports processed by Safe+Sound Iowa


# of teachers and civilians who have received Stop the Bleed and Active Shooter Training 


# of law enforcement officers and first responders who have received Active Shooter Encounters Training

"This public safety initiative is about what the State of Iowa is doing to act, not react, on the critical national issue of school safety," said Governor Reynolds. "We are working to ensure our schools and local law enforcement are prepared to both respond to and deter threats to the safety of students, teachers, and staff. Sensible actions today can prevent tragedy tomorrow." 

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