Division of Intelligence

The Division of Intelligence provides support to all enforcement divisions of the Iowa Department of Public Safety, as well as to all other local, state, and federal law enforcement and homeland security partners in Iowa. The Division of Intelligence serves as the Central Coordinating Agency for the Iowa Law Enforcement Intelligence Network (LEIN) program and for the State of Iowa Intelligence Fusion Center.  It also serves as a point of contact in Iowa for law enforcement agencies from other states.

The type of support provided to consumers varies with the nature of the request. Requests may involve helping to positively identify particular individuals when given incomplete information, or it might be as complicated as taking thousands of information items and organizing them in such a way that they make sense. In essence, the personnel of the Division of Intelligence are responsible to research, manage, and analyze information. Our services, for example, help to free-up some of the investigator's time so he or she a can continue to focus on the case at hand while we do some of the time consuming analysis of information previously gathered.

The Division of Intelligence applies the intelligence cycle to accomplish the tasks that fall under the Division's responsibilities. The intelligence cycle, as it pertains to criminal intelligence, is the process of developing raw information into finished intelligence for our key consumers, including policymakers, homeland security officials, law enforcement executives, investigators, and patrol officers. These consumers use this finished intelligence for decision making and action. Intelligence may be used to further an ongoing investigation, or to plan the allocation of resources. The Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center is committed to performing a highly collaborative service to enhance the safety of Iowans.

Iowa Fusion Center

Since 9/11, Fusion Centers were created to focus on sharing information between public safety entities, key public and private sector partners. Today, there are 80 designated fusion centers in the United States.

A fusion center is a collaborative effort of two or more agencies that provide resources, expertise and/or information to the fusion center with a goal of maximizing the ability to detect, prevent, apprehend, and respond to criminal and/or terrorist activity.

The designated fusion center in Iowa is the Iowa Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center located in the Department of Public Safety.

The mission of the Iowa Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center is to lead and coordinate intelligence and homeland security efforts that protect Iowa, while upholding the U.S. Constitution.

View the Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center Intelligence Policy on Privacy, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.