The Iowa Department of Public Safety's Wellness and Support Services Bureau is committed to creating and sustaining a culture of wellness within DPS, thereby reducing stigma and increasing help-seeking behaviors.  This is being accomplished by providing employees with avenues and resources to enhance their well-being and resiliency through proactive and reactive options and responses.  

Proactive supports are designed to increase employees' resiliency, wellness, and openness to mental health options when they are needed. Reactive responses are designed to assist employees in processing critical incidents and used as options to mitigate stress responses or conditions affecting their overall ability to function. 

DPS provides training on wellness, programs, resources, and options to our employees, along with goals to bolster options tailored for their families and support systems. The Bureau consists of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team, Peer Support Team, and Crisis Response Canine Program. The Special Agent in Charge of Wellness oversees these programs and guides Department wellness initiatives. DPS also provides support to local first responder agencies throughout the state who lack adequate resources.