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Burn Ban Information

The State Fire Marshal provides information for bans on open burning put in place by local Fire Departments and Emergency Management Coordinators working together to prevent fires. 

For specific questions about open burning in your community, please contact your local Fire Department or Emergency Management office. 

For local fire departments and emergency management coordinators: To request we post information regarding a burn ban in your area, please complete the burn ban request form and email it to


Q. Can I use a burn pit or burn trash when there is a burn ban in my county?
A. A burn ban does not prohibit the following:  supervised, controlled burn for which a permit has been issued by the fire chief of the fire district where the burn will take place, the use of outdoor fireplaces, barbecue grills, properly supervised landfills, or the burning of trash in incinerators or trash burners made of metal, concrete, masonry, or heavy one-inch wire mesh, with no openings greater than one square inch.

Q. Who do I contact with questions about burning in my county if there is a burn ban in place?
A. Please contact the individual on the burn ban request form for further information about a ban in your county.

Iowa Code Section 100.40 Marshal may prohibit open burning on request.
1. The state fire marshal, during periods of extremely dry conditions or under other conditions when the state fire marshal finds open burning constitutes a danger to life or property, may prohibit open burning in an area of the state at the request of the chief of a local fire department, a city council or a board of supervisors and when an investigation supports the need for the prohibition. The state fire marshal shall implement the prohibition by issuing a proclamation to persons in the affected area. The chief of a local fire department, the city council or the board of supervisors that requested the prohibition may rescind the proclamation after notifying the state fire marshal of the intent to do so, when the chief, city council or board of supervisors finds that the conditions responsible for the issuance of the proclamation no longer exist. 
2. Violation of a prohibition issued under this section is a simple misdemeanor.
3. A proclamation issued by the state fire marshal pursuant to this section shall not prohibit a supervised, controlled burn for which a permit has been issued by the fire chief of the fire district where the burn will take place, the use of outdoor fireplaces, barbecue grills, properly supervised landfills, or the burning of trash in incinerators or trash burners made of metal, concrete, masonry, or heavy one-inch wire mesh, with no openings greater than one square inch.

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Fire Fatalities

Each year, communities across the State of Iowa lose citizens to fires in a multitude of ways, but most fatalities occur in the home. Below is a glimpse at the tragedy that fire related fatalities cause in Iowa.  While watching this video featuring State Fire Marshal Dan Wood and reviewing the list of the deceased, please take note that many of the homes did not have properly working smoke detectors. 

Dropped cigarettes or cigarettes improperly disposed are another top fire hazard in the home. A cigarette can smolder, eventually causing a fire or large amounts of smoke. Smoking is the leading cause of residential fire deaths in the U.S.

State Fire Marshal Wood and his team are partnering with the Smoke Free Homes program to encourage homeowners, renters, and rental property owners/managers to reduce the risk of cigarette-related fires and reduce the risk of increased insurance premiums if a fire were to occur. Smoking can contribute to deteriorating health in children and adults, serious injury, and death.

Smoke Free Homes Iowa

1 in 4

Smoking fires cause nearly 1 in 4 home fire deaths.

1 in 20

1 in 20 home structure fires are started by smoking materials.


Even secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals - dozens

Iowa has more than 1,300 smoke-free properties available and provides a great resource to locate them. Find a smoke-free property in Iowa.  


In 2022, local fire departments responded to an estimated 1.5 million fires in the U.S.. These fires caused 3,790 civilian fire deaths and 13,250 reported civilian fire injuries. The property damage caused by these fires was estimated at $18 billion.

Despite a drop in the number of fires, the rate of fire-caused fatalities has remained steady, partly due to modern building trends like open spaces, the increased use of synthetic materials and lightweight wood construction, all of which cause fires to spread more quickly.

You used to have 7 to 8 minutes to leave your home after you heard the smoke alarm. Now, you have 1 or 2 minutes from the time the alarm sounds. You need to be prepared in advance of a fire. Make sure you have properly-maintained and fully-functional smoke detectors and evacuation/escape plans.

Fire fatality information listed below includes only completed investigations.

For information on open/unlisted fatality investigations, please email or call 515.725.6150.

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2024 Total Fire Fatalities: 9

Name of DeceasedAgeLocation of FireDate of FireDate of DeathCause of FireCause of DeathOccupancySmoke Detector Present
Dennis Felt 80Dallas Center January 1, 2024January 1, 2024UndeterminedInhalation of Products of Combustion Single Family Residence Unknown
Arlan Egdorf79Orange CityJanuary 19, 2024January 19, 2024Undetermined Smoke Inhalation Single Family ResidenceUndetermined
Linda Egdorf82Orange CityJanuary 19, 2024January 19, 2024UndeterminedSmoke Inhalation Single Family ResidenceUndetermined
Eldon Kirkland60OgdenJanuary 21, 2024January 21, 2024UndeterminedSmoke Inhalation and Thermal InjuriesSingle Family ResidenceUndetermined
Steven Lustgraaf59FarragutJanuary 31, 2024January 31, 2024Accidental Smoke Inhalation and Thermal InjuriesDetached Garage Not Applicable
Kathy Crawford69QuasquetonFebruary 18, 2024February 18, 2024Accidental Smoke Inhalation Single Family ResidencePresent-Unknown if Working 
Zander McClintock18Vinton April 9, 2024 April 9, 2024Undetermined Thermal InjuriesVehicle NA
Carroll D. Whetstine79Iowa CityApril 13, 2024May 11, 2024Smoking on OxygenComplications from Thermal Injuries Manufactured Home Undetermined
Myron R. Heithoff69CarrollApril 27, 2024May 12, 2024Open Burning Complications from Thermal InjuriesOutdoors NA
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2023 Total Fire Fatalities: 35

Name of DeceasedAgeLocation of FireDate of FireDate of DeathCause of FireCause of DeathOccupancySmoke Detector Present
Charles Harrison48MindenJanuary 1, 2023January 1, 2023AccidentalSmoke InhalationSingle Family ResidenceNone Present
Gerald "Jerry" Asher87BeaconJanuary 1, 2023January 7, 2023AccidentalThermal InjuriesSingle Family ResidenceUnknown
Roger Draman63CaseyJanuary 1, 2023January 1, 2023UndeterminedSmoke InhalationSingle Family ResidenceNone Present
Don D Thomas33Spirit LakeJanuary 12, 2023January 12, 2023UndeterminedInhalation of Products of CombustionSingle Family Residence/RentalPresent, Working
Benandre Briggs42Spirit LakeJanuary 12, 2023January 12, 2023UndeterminedInhalation of Products of CombustionSingle Family Residence/RentalPresent, Working
John C Davis85GrinnellJanuary 16, 2023January 17, 2023AccidentalThermal InjuriesGarageNone Present
Tad Costello55AltoonaJanuary 25, 2023January 25, 2023AccidentalComplications from Thermal Injuries and Smoke InhalationAuto Shop/GaragePresent, Working
Tammy Brown49BurtFebruary 2, 2023February 2, 2023AccidentalInhalation of Products of CombustionSingle Family ResidenceUndetermined
Dan Montelius46DubuqueFebruary 8, 2023February 8, 2023AccidentalSmoke InhalationGarageNone Present
Debra Robinson71EvansdaleFebruary 24, 2023February 24, 2023AccidentalThermal InjuriesSingle Family ResidenceNone Present
Roger Stoddard30WaterlooMarch 11, 2023March 11, 2023UndeterminedSmoke InhalationVehicleN/A
Norman R Miller73QuasquetonMarch 17, 2023March 18, 2023AccidentalThermal InjuriesSingle Family ResidencePresent, Unknown if Working
Todd Herriott53Des MoinesMarch 23, 2023March 23, 2023AccidentalSmoke Inhalation/Thermal InjuriesSingle Family ResidenceNone Present
Jon Samuelson83BooneMarch 24, 2023April 23, 2023Intentional/Open BurningThermal InjuriesOutdoorsN/A
James Shafer21AnkenyApril 8, 2023April 8, 2023AccidentalSmoke Inhalation/Thermal InjuriesVehicleN/A
Steven Stinson29NeolaApril 8, 2023April 8, 2023AccidentalSmoke InhalationApartmentPresent, Working
Gene Peterson87NorthwoodApril 8, 2023April 20, 2023Intentional/Open BurningComplications from Thermal InjuriesOutdoorsN/A
Mia Belian Schmidt58Cedar RapidsMay 18, 2023May 18, 2023Accidental Thermal Injuries/Inhalation of Products of CombustionDetached GarageNone Present
Rhonda Flores65DavenportMay 26, 2023May 26, 2023UndeterminedSmoke InhalationSingle Family ResidenceUndetermined
Elisabeth Clark84Carter Lake June 5, 2023June 5, 2023UndeterminedSmoke Inhalation Single Family ResidenceNone Present 
Jacob Pollmeier13Mount PleasantJune 13, 2023June 13, 2023UndeterminedSmoke Inhalation & Thermal InjuriesSingle Family ResidenceUndetermined
Michael K Howard61EsthervilleJune 24, 2023June 24, 2023UndeterminedInhalation of Products of CombustionSingle Family ResidencePreset, Working
Sheri Meyerdirk56MilfordJuly 13, 2023July 13, 2023AccidentalSmoke Inhalation & Thermal InjuriesSingle Family ResidencePresent, Working
Jesse Kilgore40Lake ParkJuly 13, 2023July 13, 2023UndeterminedInhalation of Products of CombustionSingle Family ResidencePresent, Unknown if Working
Julianne Chapman51Newton July 16, 2023July 16, 2023UndeterminedSmoke InhalationShedNone Present 
Christopher Cocklin71WapelloJuly 30, 2023August 3, 2023AccidentalThermal InjuriesSingle Family ResidenceUnknown
Diana Thomas76Atlantic August 5, 2023August 5, 2023UndeterminedSmoke Inhalation & Thermal InjuriesSingle Family ResidenceNone Present 
Roger H Dehrkoop70TamaAugust 14, 2023August 14, 2023ExplosionBlunt Force Trauma & Thermal InjuriesSingle Family ResidenceUndetermined
Dolph C. Popp64Des MoinesSeptember 2, 2023September 2, 2023IncendiaryHanging/Inhalation of Products of CombustionRecreational Vehicle None Present
Jimmy Wayne Blank63ShambaughSeptember 18, 2023September 18, 2023Accidental Smoke Inhalation Single Family Residence Undetermined
James D. Hartley75WaterlooSeptember 19, 2023September 19, 2023Accidental/Careless Discarding of Smoking MaterialsSmoke Inhalation Single Family ResidencePresent, Not Working 
Cynthia Collins56GrandviewOctober 31, 2023October 31, 2023UndeterminedThermal and Inhalation InjuriesSingle Family ResidenceNone Present
Leane Bodle76Rockwell CityNovember 22, 2023November 22,2023Undetermined Smoke Inhalation Single Family Residence Undetermined
Mae Hen31OttumwaDecember 9, 2023December 9, 2023Accidental Inhalation of Products of Combustion/Thermal Injuries Single Family Residence Undetermined 
Htoo Kbaw3OttumwaDecember 9, 2023December 9, 2023Accidental Inhalation of Products of Combustion/Thermal Injuries Single Family Residence Undetermined 

2022 Total Fire Fatalities: 48

2021 Total Fire Fatalities: 30

2020 Total Fire Fatalities: 38

2019 Total Fire Fatalities: 50

2018 Total Fire Fatalities: 41

2017 Total Fire Fatalities: 56

2016 Total Fire Fatalities: 47

2015 Total Fire Fatalities: 31

2014 Total Fire Fatalities: 42

2013 Total Fire Fatalities: 26

2012 Total Fire Fatalities: 42

2011 Total Fire Fatalities: 46

2010 Total Fire Fatalities: 33

2009 Total Fire Fatalities: 46

2008 Total Fire Fatalities: 49

2007 Total Fire Fatalities: 30

2006 Total Fire Fatalities: 33

For details of any fire fatality from 2022-2006 please email


Complete NFIRS Resource Guide may be found online.  

ImageTrend Elite Basic Training for Logging Fire Incidents

ImageTrend Elite remains free for your use to log your fire incidents and we encourage you to do so as completely and frequently as possible. Departments who continue to use other third party software will still be able to import your data into Elite.  

New Fire Department Agencies: To get your department set up in Elite, you will need to designate at least one Fire Department Administrator from your department. (It is possible to have more than one Fire Department Administrator.) To set up your Fire Department Administrator, please fill out and submit this form: Fire Department Administrator Application Form. Once your department has a Fire Department Administrator, that individual will be in charge of setting up additional members of your fire department with access and permissions.  

For questions regarding filing NFIRS data for your departments, viewing past submitted data, or any other NFIRS related questions, please email

For questions regarding filing EMS data for your departments, viewing past submitted data, or any other EMS related questions, please contact

Iowa Code Chapter 147.113A requires any person licensed under Chapter 147 who administers any treatment to a person suffering a burn report that injury. Below is a general burn injury report form that may be used for reporting burn injuries. Please submit this form to the local law enforcement agency within whose jurisdiction the burn or burn injury occurred. Also email a copy of the form to the State Fire Marshal Division of the Iowa Department of Public Safety at for tracking purposes.

Iowa Burn Injury Report form

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Iowa Firefighter Memorial

This page is dedicated in memory of Iowa's firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives in the line of duty. The Iowa Firefighters Memorial is located north of Interstate 80 in Coralville, Iowa. It is a standing tribute to those that served Iowa's communities against the rages of fire. The mission of the memorial is to forever honor, celebrate and inspire the spirit, courage and service of Iowa firefighters - past, present and future. 

Firefighter NameRankDepartmentDate of Death
Charles SmithFirefighterCedar Rapids Fire DepartmentJuly 31, 1890
Lycurgus M. LeekFirefighterIowa City Fire DepartmentJune 19, 1897
Grant NortonFirefighterHarlan Fire DepartmentJune 17, 1901
William WiseFirefighterDubuque Fire DepartmentMay 2, 1902
Charles GanahlFirefighterDubuque Fire DepartmentMay 8, 1902
John FitzpatrickFirefighterDubuque Fire DepartmentMay 8, 1902
Bernard McBrideFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentApril 3, 1904
Emil ArthoferFirefighterDubuque Fire DepartmentMay 24, 1905
Robert DavidsonFirefighterColfax Fire DepartmentMay 28, 1905
T. S. CunninghamCaptainDavenport Fire DepartmentDecember 18, 1905
C. A. CarlsonFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentJanuary 14, 1907
John ClarkFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentJanuary 17, 1907
Henry Joseph BrowFirefighterSioux City Fire DepartmentSeptember 26, 1911
Charles H. EicherFirefighterWaterloo Fire DepartmentDecember 19, 1911
Seely LawtonFirefighterSioux City Fire DepartmentMarch 26, 1914
Frank FultonFirefighterSioux City Fire DepartmentMarch 26, 1914
S. L. ShiversFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentMarch 14, 1915
Richard C. CoatesFirefighterSheldon Fire DepartmentSeptember 25, 1915
Peter ZilligFirefighterDubuque Fire DepartmentOctober 8, 1917
Dick EgglestonFirefighterOsceola Fire DepartmentNovember 22, 1917
George GriffinFirefighterOsceola Fire DepartmentNovember 22, 1917
Adolph LeibsohnFirefighterDike Fire DepartmentOctober 9, 1918
Charles MohrFirefighterDavenport Fire DepartmentFebruary 3, 1924
C. A. GrimFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentDecember 13, 1927
George NelsonFirefighterCedar Rapids Police DepartmentAugust 29, 1927
Manual VlachFirefighterCedar Rapids Police DepartmentDecember 29, 1927
Merritt NolanFirefighterChariton Fire DepartmentJanuary 3, 1928
Ralph JudkinsFirefighterIndianola Fire DepartmentMarch 4, 1928
Paul SosemanFirefighterHolstein Fire DepartmentAugust 1, 1930
Fred RaukohlFirefighterHolstein Fire DepartmentAugust 1, 1930
Thomas LingleFirefighterHolstein Fire DepartmentAugust 1, 1930
William GebersFirefighterHolstein Fire DepartmentAugust 1, 1930
Thomas L. GroganFirefighterKeokuk Fire DepartmentOctober 27, 1932
Oscar J. RolandFirefighterWhat Cheer Fire DepartmentAugust 27, 1933
William T. PhillipsFirefighterWhat Cheer Fire DepartmentAugust 27, 1933
Leslie HermannFirefighterWhat Cheer Fire DepartmentAugust 27, 1933
Marvin J. BodemanFirefighterWhat Cheer Fire DepartmentAugust 27, 1933
S. W. BrittonFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentOctober 10, 1933
Louis KrautFirefighterCedar Rapids Police DepartmentMarch 30, 1934
Edward H. KnippFirefighterWaterloo Fire DepartmentNovember 22, 1936
William BurnettChiefDes Moines Fire DepartmentMarch 26, 1937
Elmer HubacherFirefighterDubuque Fire DepartmentMarch 20, 1938
Fred E. WelshFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentAugust 25, 1939
Herman OttoFirefighterWaterloo Fire DepartmentMay 21, 1940
Leo J. KellyFirefigherRock Island Arsenal Fire Department (Davenport)June 20, 1941
Joseph ShimanekFirefighterOxford Junction Fire DepartmentMarch 26, 1943
John PetersonFirefighterCouncil Bluffs Fire DepartmentJuly 11, 1943
William Victor KnowlesFirefighterHubbard Fire DepartmentDecember 10, 1943
Theo PointerFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentJuly 10, 1944
Arthur CochranFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentDecember 5, 1944
Richard S. OverturfFirefighterElberton Fire DepartmentDecember 3, 1945
Conrad F. FreyCaptainDavenport Fire DepartmentJanuary 5, 1947
Lloyd KingFirefighterDeep River Fire DepartmentJune 27, 1947
Carl O. DanielsonChiefDecorah Fire DepartmentJuly 22, 1947
Harold HermanFirefighterBurlington Fire DepartmentOctober 12, 1947
Patrick L. SwiftFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentDecember 5, 1948
Lawrence F. StradtmanFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentFebruary 18, 1949
Mike T. SheeheyFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentMarch 31, 1950
William CavettDriverCouncil Bluffs Fire DepartmentNovember 20, 1950
Oliver BirdLieutenantDes Moines Fire DepartmentFebruary 8, 1951
David William SiltsFirefighterAmes Fire DepartmentFebruary 15, 1952
Patrick CaseyCaptainDubuque Fire DepartmentAugust 13, 1952
Charles GioimoFirefighterDyersville Fire DepartmentSeptember 1, 1952
Velois LindenFirefighterSioux City Fire DepartmentOctober 31, 1952
Stephen MironchickFirefighterSioux City Fire DepartmentNovember 6, 1952
Gurney ThorntonFirefighterNew Providence Fire Department1954
Fred E. MooreFirefighterMason City Fire DepartmentJune 30, 1954
Vincent MohattFirefighterVail Fire Department1955
William O. TurnerFirefighterMarengo Fire DepartmentDecember 29, 1955
Stanley PetersonFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentFebruary 16, 1956
Dorman JohnsonFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentFebruary 16, 1956
Robert E. CarterChiefAlta Fire DepartmentJanuary 1, 1957
Waldo T. WoldFirefighterSaint Ansgar Fire DepartmentAugust 15, 1958
David E. ZauggFirefighterWest Bend Fire DepartmentJanuary 2, 1960
Albert BartlowFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentMarch 6, 1960
Darrell McTwiganFirefighterCouncil Bluffs Fire DepartmentMarch 16, 1961
James J. HartyFirefighterDes Moines Fire Department1962
Ralph QuinnFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentFebruary 27, 1962
Frank F. GutknechtFirefighterHudson Fire DepartmentAugust 28, 1962
Waldo MerrillFirefighterCouncil Bluffs Fire DepartmentJanuary 17, 1964
George A. ZemanFirefighterHills Fire DepartmentJune 20, 1964
Gerald SnethenFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentAugust 14, 1964
Maurice I. ReppFirefighterMarengo Fire DepartmentOctober 16, 1964
Edward KudronFirefighterSioux City Fire DepartmentSeptember 9, 1965
Thomas SchluegerFirefighterFort Dodge Fire Department1966
Edgar Doyle JacobsFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentAugust 31, 1966
Lester J. ShadelFirefighterDavenport Fire DepartmentOctober 26, 1967
Clarence NiemeyerChiefGarner Fire DepartmentOctober 29, 1967
Jess W. MartinFirefighterLivermore Fire DepartmentNovember 9, 1967
Bernard DeenyFirefighterWaukon Fire DepartmentMarch 30, 1968
B. Burdette BennettFirefighterToledo Fire Department1969
Lewis P. FreemanChiefVinton Fire DepartmentApril 9, 1969
Bob McDowellFirefighterClarksville Fire DepartmentJune 27, 1969
John LetoFirefighterDes Moines Fire DepartmentFebruary 10, 1970
Robert HeinFirefighterIowa City Fire Department1971
Woodrow LouxFirefighterEagle Grove Fire Department1973
Hillary ZellerFirefighterPalo Fire DepartmentJanuary 12, 1973
James Lee LongmuirFirefighterWaverly Fire DepartmentMay 15, 1973
Elvin ThompsonFirefighterSigourney Fire DepartmentAugust 21, 1973
Bruce JacobsFirefighterSigourney Fire DepartmentAugust 21, 1973
Warren H. CunninghamFirefighterMason City Fire DepartmentAugust 31, 1973
L. L. HinmonFirefighterIndependence Fire DepartmentJuly 11, 1975
Floyd L. HaleFirefighterPolk City Fire DepartmentJanuary 5, 1976
Robert SimonFirefighterCedar Rapids Fire DepartmentMay 20, 1976
Melvin GoebelFirefighterCedar Rapids Fire DepartmentMay 20, 1976
James SchurgFirefighterRuthven Fire DepartmentSeptember 7, 1976
Eldon L. ChristensenFirefighterClarksville Fire DepartmentJanuary 21, 1977
Walter EberhartFirefighterCharlotte Fire DepartmentDecember 22, 1981
James R. BakerFirefighterAnkeny Fire Department1982
Kirk M. WickerFirefighterSioux City Fire DepartmentJune 27, 1982
Michael L. JohnsonFirefighterSioux City Fire DepartmentJune 27, 1982
John EvansFirefighterClear Lake Fire Department1984
Harold L. HansenFirefighterAudubon Fire DepartmentMarch 2, 1984
Lyle V. BooneFirefighterSydney Fire DepartmentJanuary 21, 1985
Wayne H. BurmeisterChiefLost Nation Fire DepartmentDecember 23, 1985
Joseph M. WittCaptainWest Burlington Fire DepartmentJanuary 1, 1990
William T. KleinFirefighterWest Burlington Fire DepartmentJanuary 1, 1990
Mike PinnekeFirefighterGarner Fire Department1991
John H. SienknechtFirefighterClutier Fire DepartmentDecember 8, 1991
Don MilnerFirefighterElliott Fire DepartmentNovember 17, 1992
Jack GrosseFirefighterCedar Falls Fire DepartmentOctober 24, 1997
Larry R. WalshFirefighterAlbert City Fire DepartmentApril 9, 1998
Tom ArcherFirefighterAlbert City Fire DepartmentApril 9, 1998
Nathan R. TuckFirefighterKeokuk Fire DepartmentDecember 22, 1999
David M. McNallyFirefighterKeokuk Fire DepartmentDecember 22, 1999
Jason L. BittingFirefighterKeokuk Fire DepartmentDecember 22, 1999
Douglas G. StevensFirefighterStory City Fire DepartmentFebruary 4, 2000
Kevin SterenchukFirefighterCedar Rapids Fire DepartmentMarch 27, 2000
James Ted GriffithFirefighterWinterset Fire DepartmentApril 7, 2000
Dale SimpsonFirefighterClear Lake Fire DepartmentApril 2, 2001
Michael R. KruseFirefighterMuscatine Fire DepartmentSeptember 14, 2002
James Duane RichardsFirefighterOran Fire DepartmentOctober 20, 2003
Dixie Lee SteckelbergFirefighterLovilla Fire DepartmentDecember 18, 2003
Gregory H. ViethFirefighterDavenport Fire DepartmentJanuary 9, 2004
Donald Nathan CarlsonFirefighterUte Fire DepartmentNovember 2, 2004
Michael A. MercurioFirefighterUrbandale Fire DepartmentFebruary 18, 2005
Justin P. FaurFirefighterAndover Volunteer Fire DepartmentApril 30, 2005
Daniel Anthony NicholsFirefighterIndianola Fire DepartmentDecember 26, 2005
Steven S. CrannellFirefighterGuthrie Center Fire DepartmentApril 22, 2010
Michael B. CollinsFirefighterShelby Fire DepartmentSeptember 18, 2011
Larry Dean NielsenChiefGilmore City Fire DepartmentOctober 9, 2012
Michael "Coop" E. CooperAssistant ChiefCenterville Fire DepartmentJanuary 31, 2015
Douglas McCauleyEngineerDes Moines Fire DepartmentFebruary 11, 2017
James FranciskovichFirefighterAmes Fire DepartmentMarch 17, 2017
Steven P. BuserChiefEarling Fire and RescueOctober 20, 2018
Eric M. HosetteLieutenantClinton Fire DepartmentJanuary 5, 2019
Ken CavanaughChiefWoodward and Bouton Fire DepartmentsNovember 1, 2021
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Juvenile Fire Intervention Program

We offer a regional program to reduce the number of fire injuries and deaths by providing evaluation, education, and redirection assistance to the children who exhibit fire setting behavior at no cost to the families affected. 


JFI Program Informational Brochure
JFI Program Delivery SOG
JFI Program Flow of Information
Oregon's Juvenile Firesetter Screening Tool Information

Reporting System: Youth Firesetting Information Repository & Evaluation System (YFIRS) found online at

To contact a juvenile fire setter program representative with the Juvenile Fire Intervention Program, please email 

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