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COVID-19 - FSTB Return to Operations Update (6-12-2020)


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Iowa Public Health Guidance for Fire and EMS Services

The Fire Service Training Bureau would like to share with you two important response guidance updates pertinent to fire and EMS services for COVID-19.

The first link below is guidance for Fire and EMS response (Updated 3/23/2020):

The second link below is for Isolation Guidance for Iowa Essential Services Personnel (Updated 3/22/2020):

Please also consult the Iowa Department of Public Health web page on COVID-19 ( ) for updates, as this public health crisis is ever-evolving.



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The Fire Service Training Bureau is designated by statute to be the State Fire Academy.  We have been training Iowa’s firefighters and other emergency service responders since 1923.  We are home to the second-longest continually running annual state fire school in the nation. 

The Bureau coordinates and instructs many basic and advanced level courses at our facility and also locally across the state in the subject matter areas of firefighting, hazardous materials, vehicle extrication, technical rescue, instructor development, officer development, fire prevention, traffic incident management (TIMS), and fire investigation, to name just a few.  We also offer multiple National Fire Academy direct-delivery courses, annually. 

We are accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) and are authorized to issue the following certifications following completion of the respective training class and both written and practical skills examinations: 

Firefighter 1 Driver/Operator - Pumper Fire Officer 1
Firefighter 2 Driver/Operator - Aerial Fire Officer 2
Hazardous Material - Awareness Fire & Emergency Services Instructor 1 Fire Inspector 1
Hazardous Materials - Operations Fire & Emergency Services Instructor 2 Fire Investigator 

In addition to our facility having on-site training grounds to conduct live-fire training evolutions, we have multiple mobile training props that can be requested to be delivered for local community-based training. 

Our mission is to “establish credibility in providing quality education, training, certification, and professional consultation to Iowa’s fire service and other emergency responders in a manner that reflects commitment, integrity, and contributes to the reduction of morbidity, mortality, and property loss from fire and other hazards.” 

We hope you find this site useful in navigating to the different pages describing our History, Field Programs, Certification/Accreditation Program, and Special Programs

If you should have any questions or need additional information, please go to the “Contact Us” page to locate our physical address and telephone numbers. 

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