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2023 Certification Exams

For the past few years Certification examinations has been administered utilizing two separate schedules; one for the written component and a second for the practical skills component. After receiving feedback from several candidates, fire department administration, and instructors; the Bureau has decided to change this process. Starting in January 2023, both the written and practical skills components will be offered together at the scheduled regional examination sites. This will hopefully streamline the registration process as well since there will now only be one form to complete for registration. A new quick link will be added to the Bureau’s Certification website for the “2023 Exam Registration Form”. A drop-down menu will enable candidates to select if this is their first time taking the examination(s) or if they are retaking an exam. For any additional questions regarding this change in process, please contact Gary Howard, Certification & Accreditation Manager at or 515.608.2270.

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Certification / Accreditation Program

Gary Howard
Certification/Accreditation Manager
Phone:  515.608.2270 or 515.727.3426


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The Accreditation/Certification Program is responsible for maintaining the Bureau’s accreditation status with the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) and the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (ProBoard®) accreditation requirements.  In addition, this program schedules both written and practical examinations across the state and issues multiple nationally accredited fire service certifications that assist in demonstrating a candidate’s minimum level of competency in a particular area of training, and that their training conforms to recognized national standards.

Certification Examinations

Exam registrations will be closed approximately two (2) weeks prior to the exam date or sooner if the location receives 24 registrations.

2023 Written & Practical Skills Exams Schedule / Registration Form


Certification Patches

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New Certification Patches

NEW Certification Policy & Procedures Manual

Specific details on each certification level's requirements can be found in the below links to the Procedures Guides.

These guides also include the Local Documentation Forms which are required to complete the following levels:

HazMat Awareness & Operations

Fire Fighter I & II

Driver/Operator Pumper & Aerial


Certification Levels

Procedures Guides and Practical Skill Evaluation Sheets​

Hazardous Materials Awareness

HazMat Awareness Procedures Guide 10-22

HazMat Awareness Skill Sheet 470-2022

Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations

HazMat Awareness & Operations Procedures Guide 10-22

HazMat Awareness & Operations Skill Sheets 470-2022

Firefighter I

Firefighter I Procedures Guide 09-23

Firefighter I Skill Sheets 1001-2019

Firefighter II

Firefighter II Procedures Guide 09-23

Firefighter II Skill Sheets 1001-2019

Driver Operator - Aerial

FADO - Aerial Procedures Guide 09-23

Driver Operator Aerial Skills Sheets 1002-2017

Driver Operator - Pumper

FADO - Pumper Procedures Guide 09-23

Driver Operator - Pumper Skill Sheets 1002-2017

Fire Officer I

Fire Officer I Procedures Guide 12-21

Fire Officer II

Fire Officer II Procedures Guide 12-21

Instructor I

Fire & Emergency Services Instructor I Procedures Guide 01-23

Instructor II

Fire & Emergency Services Instructor II Procedures Guide 01-23

Inspector I

Fire Inspector I Procedures Guide 02-22


Fire Investigator Procedures Guide 07-22

Fire Investigator Recertification Form