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Procedure under Policy ISICSMC12-B - 2023-02 - ICS-217A

2014-01.G - Endorsing support for APCO P25 setting minimum requirements

2014-02.T - Supporting encryption on specific interoperable frequencies, channels, and talkgroups

2015-01.G - Endorsing support for procurement and state funding of P25 Radio Platform

2015-02.G - Supporting government control of interoperable frequencies or channels

2015-03.T - Defining Public Safety Grade (PSG) for communications equipment

2015-04.T - Endorsing use of AES P25 encryption standards (SLN, TEK, KID)

2016-01.F - Supporting funding of local procurement of LMR equipment

2021-01.O - Adoption of the conventional 700 MHz Air-to-Ground channels for use in Iowa

2021-02.O - Requiring frequency coordination by vendors or agencies deploying mobile LTE broadband vehicles

2021-03.U - Minimum Interoperable Radio Channels & Nomenclature - Effective Date:  MON. DD, 20YY

2023-01.G - Policy Naming Convention

2023-02.G - Policy and Standard Adoption, Review, and Revision

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Please click the link below to submit a request for a deployable resource (Mobile Command Trailer, Strategic Reserve Trailer, Cache Radio).

Request for ISICS Deployable Resource

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Applicant Participation Plan

Radio Programming Certification Form

Become a Board Member

Committee Membership Application

Communications Unit Credentialing Procedure

Memorandum of Agreement

Public Comment

Travel Request

Request for ISICS Deployable Resource

Sample Letter of Intent Template

Sample Sponsored Agency Plan

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Request CASM Access

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List of ISICS Interop Talkgroups and IDs

Iowa Field Operations Guide (FOG)

Iowa Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan (TICP)

Encryption Document Package Executive Summary 

Technical Recommendation for Multi-Key Equipped Subscriber Units (ISICSB TR-2018-00)

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Annual Legislative Reports

2023 ISICSB Legislative Report

2022 ISICSB Legislative Report

Iowa SCIP - Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan

2020 - 2023 Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan

Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System Master Plan

ISICS Master Plan

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