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GTSB Application Process

GTSB’s mission is to identify traffic safety issues, and through partnerships with city, county, state, and local organizations, develop and implement strategies to reduce death and injury on Iowa’s roads.

GTSB grants are a reimbursement-based program. The subrecipient conducts the activities described in the project agreement and then requests reimbursement. All grant agreements are approved for a “maximum amount eligible for reimbursement.” This is the grant reimbursement amount and GTSB’s share of the estimated grant cost. Only actual costs will be reimbursed.

Grants are awarded every Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 to September 30) to address identified highway traffic safety initiatives. GTSB opens the grant application process in the spring. Agencies have a window to submit an application using Iowa Grants (Links to Iowa Grants' Instructions Below).

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Traffic Safety Grants

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Funding opportunities are available for State, county, and local government agencies; non-profit organizations; institutions of higher education; and hospitals.

Examples of traffic safety projects eligible for grant funds:

  •  Data Program Improvements to Core Highway Safety Databases
  •  Motorcycle Safety
  •  Older Driver Safety
  •  Outreach & Education
  •  Prevention & Intervention
  •  Public Awareness Surveys
  •  Roadway Safety      
  •  Traffic Safety Research, Planning, and Data Integration
  • Vulnerable Users – Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety
  •  Youth Programs

Non-Law Enforcement Application Instructions

State Agency Application Instructions

Indirect Cost Application Instructions

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Law Enforcement Agencies


Funding opportunities are available for State, county, and local law enforcement agencies. Funding can be used for overtime enforcement, equipment, education, and other traffic safety initiatives.

If you have an identifiable traffic safety problem in your community, please submit your application. Project agreements will be awarded based on a variety of decision points encompassing the level of traffic safety problems in a jurisdiction and the ability for the agency to address them.

Law Enforcement Application Instructions

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