The Iowa State Patrol recommends these tips when traveling on roadways when Winter weather conditions may be present:

  1. Keep windshields clear - Scrape snow and ice to ensure full visibility.
  2. Increase following distance - Put five to six seconds of time between you and the vehicle you're following - especially snow plows. 
  3. Be patient - Allow more time - and daylight when possible - to get to your destination, and remember that detouring through a median can cause problems.
  4. Always pay attention to the road - Traffic flow can change instantly and braking times increase dramatically with snow or ice.
  5. Add braking time to exit freeways and interstates - Exits and overpasses get slick during winter events and require even more braking time.
  6. Know when to skip cruise control - Don't use cruise control on snow and ice conditions.
  7. Prepare a winter survival kit - The items below will help you endure an emergency or road closure until help arrives.
    • Cellphone & Charger
    • Full Tank of Fuel
    • Warm Clothes, Winter Coat, Boots, & Gloves
    • Water & Snacks
    • Jumper Cables
    • Flashlight with batteries
    • Ice Scraper & Snow Brush
    • First Aid Kit
    • Music & Games
  8. Turn on headlights - It's critical to be seen on snowy and foggy days.  
  9. Stay up-to-date on weather, road conditions, & closures - Before you head out check live road conditions, closures, & more at