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Parking is available at the Capitol Complex for:

  • Persons with disabilities
  • Visitors
  • Employees
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Parking Map and Parking Information

Please see the Parking Map for more direction.

  • Accessible parking for persons with disabilities (shown on the map in white with the blue disabilities symbol). Certain parking spaces near each building have been designated for visitors and employees with disabilities. In support of persons with disabilities utilizing the Capitol Complex, appropriate use of these spaces is strongly enforced.
  • Visitor lots (shown in green on the map) are available only for visitors to the Complex. Employees may not park in visitor parking areas.
  • Overflow lots are available for public parking.  They also serve as overflow lots for Complex employees. Complex employee and visitors may also park in Lots 3, 4, 5, and 16.
  • Motorcycle parking spots are available for employees and visitors in the Service/Delivery parking area, lot 28, southeast of the Lucas Building. Motorcycles may also park in other non-gated lots, employees in employee lots, and visitors in visitor lots.
  • Employee parking (shown in red on the map). All employee vehicles on the Complex must be registered with DAS or the Legislature and display a Capitol Complex parking decal.
  • Restricted access - Lots 9, 10, 12, 13, and 14 are restricted to only employees who have been specifically assigned to one of these lots.
  • Unrestricted access - Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 16, 17, 18, 21, 23, and the parking structure are available to any employee working on the Complex.
  • Service/delivery vehicle parking (shown with blue strips on the map) - Limited parking is available for service vehicles near each building. There are also designated spots for the temporary use of delivery vehicles near the dock areas of each building. Employees or visitors who need to be near a building to load or unload their vehicle may park in the designated service/delivery area for the time it takes to load or unload. If parking is needed after loading or unloading, the vehicle must be moved to the appropriate employee or visitor parking area.
  • Temporary parking - Permission for temporary parking for those with special circumstances may be obtained by contacting the Iowa State Patrol District 16 Office at 515.281.5608. This may include:
    • An employee without a decal on their vehicle
    • A visitor driving a vehicle registered to an employee
    • A driver needing to load or unload outside of the designated delivery areas
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Helpful Hints About Parking on the Capitol Complex

  • It may be difficult for visitors to find parking spaces when the Iowa Legislature is in session from January to early May of each year. If you are visiting the Complex during this period, we recommend you allow extra time to locate parking.
  • If you live in the Des Moines area, we join the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART) in encouraging you to ride the bus. The bus line runs along Grand Avenue on the north side of the Capitol.
  • Carpool whenever possible. DART also sponsors a Rideshare program for commuters.
  • Be sure to observe all parking signs. Parking rules are for your protection. Cars in emergency lanes (red curbs) can turn an emergency into a disaster. Other areas (yellow lines and curbs) are restricted to prevent damage to your cars from other vehicles, construction, mowing, or snow removal equipment.
  • Visitor parking is a priority on the Capitol Complex. Employees parking in visitor areas will be ticketed.
  • Parking violators may be towed. Individuals with delinquent tickets (unpaid after 30 days) or habitual violators (six or more tickets in the past 12 months, regardless of whether paid in a timely manner) are subject to having their improperly parked vehicle towed and may be prohibited from parking on the Capitol Complex.
  • For more information on parking on the Capitol Complex, follow this link.
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Who to Contact for Parking Permit and Building Access

  • Access to parking on the Capitol Complex is managed by the Department of Administrative Services.
  • Assignment of parking for legislative employees is the responsibility of the Legislative Council. See the Iowa Administrative Code for the full text of parking rules.
  • Parking rules are enforced by the Iowa State Patrol's District 16: Capitol Complex building access forms and parking requests. Parking access, identification cards, and parking decals are issued by the Department of Administrative Services.
  • The Iowa Department of Administrative Services also collects parking fines at the Customer Service Center. If you have questions about parking on the Capitol Complex or have received a ticket, reach out using the contact information below.
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