Safe and healthy Iowans.


The Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy coordinates substance use-related criminal justice resourcing and policy development.

We collaborate on projects involving substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and enforcement.

ODCP works with state government departments through our Drug Policy Advisory Council. ODCP also works with non-governmental organizations on specific programs dealing with these issues.

ODCP also develops a comprehensive drug control strategy. The Strategy is Iowa's plan for the fight against drug trafficking and substance use.

Programs & Services

ODCP develops policy recommendations and administers federal grants. The largest federal grant is the Byrne Justice Assistance (JAG) Grant program. Grantees can receive funds for many different purpose areas. Along with formula grants, ODCP mines for other resources.

ODCP plays a unique role in the support of drug task forces throughout the state. These task forces are the backbone of drug enforcement in this state. As the funding agency, ODCP monitors and evaluates task force activity. We also play a coordination role with other drug enforcement entities in the state.

ODCP also works to address needs at the local level. We work to expand prevention and treatment options across the state and encourage innovative new projects.

About ODCP