The Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program, is administered through the federal Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). BJA partners with State Administering Agencies (SAAs), which in Iowa is the Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP).

BJA determines total state allocations using a formula based on population and Part 1 Uniform Crime Reports. Forty percent of the State’s Allocation is passed directly to local jurisdictions. Sixty percent is passed through to the SAA. ODCP sub-awards this funding to state and local jurisdictions through a competitive grant process. This process is based on the priorities established in Iowa’s Drug Control Strategy. 

Byrne-JAG grants are used by state and local agencies in Iowa to improve the criminal justice system. The program places an emphasis on breaking the cycle of substance abuse and crime. It is used for combating violence, holding offenders accountable, enhancing law enforcement programs, and supporting adjudication.