DCI Mission Statement: 

To provide investigative services to the people of Iowa, maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards that guilt should not escape nor innocence suffer.

DCI Director Paul Feddersen

Director Feddersen

Paul Feddersen joined the Iowa Department of Public Safety in 1994. During his time in DPS, Feddersen has served in assignments within the Division of Criminal Investigation, Division of Narcotics Enforcement, and the Division of Intelligence. In 2021, Feddersen was promoted to Director of Investigative Operations. As the head of Investigative Operations, Director Feddersen oversees the Division of Criminal Investigation, the Division of Criminal Investigation Criminalistics Laboratory, the Division of Narcotics Enforcement, the Division of Intelligence & Fusion Center, and the State Fire Marshal.  

The Division of Criminal Investigation includes the following Bureaus and working units:

  • Field Operations Bureau:  This bureau is best known as Iowa's "Detective Bureau".
    • Major Crime Unit - Conducts and coordinates investigations with local law enforcement.
    • Technology Support - Provides technology support for investigations involving mobile devices and digital media.
    • Missing Persons and Unidentified Bodies - Assists in locating missing persons.  Missing Persons Website
  • Support Operations Bureau:  This bureau provides administrative support for DCI . Staff collect, maintain, and provide information to law enforcement and the public.
    • Administrative Support & Transcription
    • Records & Identification
    • Automated Biometric Identification System/Fingerprints
    • Dissemination
    • Sex Offender Registry - Sex Offender Registry Website
  • DCI Crime Lab:  The Crime Lab provides thorough, accurate, and confidential handling of materials resulting in information that assists the criminal justice community in reaching informed decisions.
  • Special Enforcement Operations Bureau:  This bureau ensures public confidence and trust in Iowa's gaming industry.
  • Cyber Crime Bureau:  This bureau investigates crimes with a significant cyber, technological, or digital nexus.