This bureau is best known as Iowa’s “Detective Bureau”. Employees assigned to this bureau work in the following areas:

  • Major Crime Unit - The major crime unit conducts and coordinates investigations with local law enforcement. These investigations are for felony crimes against persons and property.
  • Technology Support - Agents with in-depth training of cyber and technology assist in criminal investigations involving mobile devices and digital media. This support generally falls into locating missing/endangered persons, data capture analysis from major/violent crimes, and the location of felony fugitives.
  • Missing Persons & Unidentified Bodies - The Missing Persons Information Clearinghouse was established July 1, 1985. The clearinghouse compiles, coordinates, and disseminates information on missing/unidentified persons in Iowa. Through cooperation with local law enforcement, the clearinghouse assists in locating missing persons. They provide education to law enforcement and the public on missing person issues.