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Criminal History Record Check Information

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Questions regarding Criminal History Record Checks should be e-mailed to  Please do not call other numbers listed for the Department of Public Safety/Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation with record check questions as they will be unable to assist you.

The Criminal History Record Dissemination Unit provides several options for requesting Iowa criminal history record information including mail, fax, in person or email requests. We do not accept requests by phone. The information that is releasable is dependent on whether or not the subject of the request has signed the release authorization on the Criminal History Record Check Request form. Chapter 692.2 of the Code of Iowa restricts access to completed deferred judgment information and arrests over 18 months with no disposition without a signed release authorization. Therefore, if you are able to obtain a signed release authorization from the subject of your request, specifically for employment or licensing purposes, we recommend you utilize the forms provided on this page by clicking on the link below.

*The fee for an Iowa Criminal History Record Check through the DCI is $15 per last name.

For answers to common questions please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page


Criminal history record check requests can be made through our online portal.

Both a Request Form and Billing Form must be completed or your record check request will not be submitted through the portal. A credit/debit card or DCI Account number must be provided on the Billing Form or the request will not be processed. An address, fax number or email address must be provided on both forms with the form indicating how you want your results sent to you. Once you have completed both forms and provided your method of payment click SUBMIT.

If you are submitting multiple record checks you must complete and submit a request form and billing form with payment for each record check separately.

The processing time for requests submitted online is 1-3 days depending on volume and staffing levels.

ONLINE ACCESS: Iowa record check online


There are two options to making a request by mail, fax or email. Our address, fax number and email address are provided on the forms.

  Option 1     You can complete the forms online in a fillable format and download the completed Request
                     and Billing Form to mail, fax or email to us.

  Option 2    You can download a blank Request and Billing Form and complete them manually and mail,
                     fax or email both forms to us.

Both forms must be complete or we will not process your request. The processing time on requests submitted by mail, fax or email is 1-3 days depending on volume and staffing levels.

REQUEST FORMS TO DOWNLOAD: Iowa record check forms

IMPORTANT:  We only mail to United States and Canadian addresses.  We only fax to United States fax numbers. We will email to any valid email address. Please be aware that emailed criminal history results may not be considered an original in another country. Please check with the requesting country to ensure emailed results are acceptable.

In addition, to help accommodate international requests that must be mailed or faxed, you must provide an United States address or fax number of a family member or friend on the request and billing forms. We will send the results to the address or fax number provided and the family member or friend can forward the results to you internationally.


We are only able to provide immediate results if you are the subject of the request, per Code of Iowa, Chapter 692.2(1). If you are requesting a criminal history record check on someone else you will be required to leave the request with us for normal processing. You may visit our office during normal business hours and request an Iowa criminal history record check on yourself. You must be able to provide a government-issued photo I.D. (i.e.: driver's license, passport, etc.).

We are located at 215 East 7th Street, Des Moines, Iowa. Our walk-in processing hours are Monday-Friday; 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.



Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation
Support Operations Bureau 1st Floor
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