District 2 was established on April 16, 1946, when the Iowa State Patrol expanded into 13 district headquarters. The District 2 headquarters was originally located in Creston at the Union County Courthouse and consisted of Adams, Taylor, Union, Ringgold, Clarke, Decatur, Lucas and Wayne counties. The headquarters office remained in Creston until October 1, 1948, when it was moved to Osceola and housed in the Clarke County Courthouse after redistricting. During this time, Adams and Taylor counties were shifted to District 3 while Appanoose and Monroe counties were added to District 2.

District 2 remained at the Clarke County Courthouse until it was destroyed by fire, forcing the Iowa State Patrol District 2 office to move into commercial surroundings until 1956 when the courthouse was rebuilt. In 1964, it was moved to a new building east of I-35 on Highway 34 in Osceola and remained there until June 2001, when District 2 moved into its current location two miles north of Osceola at the intersection of I-35 and Highway 152. In April 2010, District 14 in Ottumwa was closed and combined with District 2. Marion, Monroe and Appanoose counties were added to District 2.

District 2 troopers primarily work within their own district, but do provide assistance for other various events throughout the state including the State Fair, R.A.G.B.R.A.I., Iowa State University football games, and the Newton Race Track, as well as natural disasters like flooding, tornadoes, or blizzards.  In the past, they have been called on to assist with dignitary protection for several presidents, vice presidents, other political candidates, and have provided assistance with traffic control for large movie projects that have been filmed in Iowa such as the "Bridges of Madison County." They have provided tactical assistance with labor disputes, prison riots, shootings, warrants, and hostage situations.

District 2 currently serves eleven counties: Appanoose, Clarke, Decatur, Lucas, Madison, Marion, Monroe, Ringgold, Union, Warren and Wayne.  The Iowa State Patrol District 2 office houses the Division of Narcotics Enforcement (DNE), Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), and the Fire Marshal's Office (SFM); and provides meeting space for other state agencies as needed.

Iowa State Patrol District #2
1619 Truro Pavement
Osceola IA 50213