In 1968, the Department of Public Safety opened a garage facility to standardize the installation of all police safety equipment used in patrol vehicles. The facility was located at 5900 Second Avenue in Des Moines, staffing three full-time employees.  After a few years of operation, the State Patrol’s 400 vehicles were all standardized with the same type of equipment and mounting.  In 1975, the garage’s responsibilities were expanded to include the task of installing police equipment in all Department of Public Safety law enforcement vehicles. This meant that over 600 vehicles were dispersed through this office.

In 1983, the Patrol Garage started its own vehicle salvage program.  This allowed any Patrol vehicle that was damaged beyond the cost of repair to be salvaged.  Engines, transmissions, rear-ends, body parts, and electrical systems can all be retained for future use in other Patrol vehicles.

In 2002, Fleet and Supply was moved to a larger facility located at NE 48th Place at the junction of Interstate 80 and Second Avenue. The warehouse incorporates both the storage of supplies for the Department and a shop where squad cars are put together and made ready for service. The facility has 1,064 feet reserved for office space out of 70,812 total square footage.

Today’s Fleet and Supply provides service for all Divisions of the Department by purchasing many of the day-to-day items. Having a centralized purchasing location allows for continuity of operations as well as maximizing the efficiency of the Department.

Iowa State Patrol Fleet and Supply
30 NE 48th Pl
Des Moines IA 50313