The Iowa State Patrol’s Crisis Negotiation Team was formed to provide a specialized unit to support the Iowa State Patrol Tactical Unit and local law enforcement agencies during crisis incidents by using trained and experienced Crisis Negotiators to obtain peaceful, voluntary surrenders of hostage takers, barricaded suspects, and suicidal persons in crisis.

On February 24, 2009, in order to provide greater support to Iowa, the Iowa State Patrol redeveloped its Crisis Negotiation Program. A total of 19 Troopers were selected for their unique skills, abilities, and effective communication and were provided specialized classroom and practical education. By 2014, as a direct result of Iowa State Patrol Crisis Negotiator efforts, over 70 lives had been saved during suicidal, hostage, and barricaded subject situations. Negotiators participate in regular training with our Tactical Unit and local law enforcement agencies in a mutual effort toward peaceful resolutions in these types of incidents.

Today's Crisis Negotiation Team consists of 21 Negotiators who respond to approximately 50 to 60 callouts every year with the primary goal to preserve life through mitigation efforts. Negotiators routinely assist in training both on state-wide and national levels in various areas of crisis negotiation and de-escalation tactics.