September 14, 2020

WOODBURY COUNTY, Iowa - On the morning of Thursday October 24, 2019, EMT’s from the Sergeant Bluff Fire and Rescue responded to 6533 Morningside Ave. for a report of a man down. EMT’s located a male subject later identified as David Davenport, 66, unconscious inside a residence at the property. It should be noted that there are two residences located at this location, one being the primary residence of Mr. Davenport (6533 Morningside Ave.) where he lived alone, and a secondary residence (6535 Morningside Ave.) which he rented to tenants.  Mr. Davenport's tenants found him inside the rental property and notified 911. Mr. Davenport was transported to the Emergency Room at Mercy Hospital in Sioux City where he was attended to by ER doctors and medical staff.  Mr. Davenport was admitted to the ICU later that day.  On Friday October 25, 2019, Mr. Davenport passed away.  

On Sunday October 27, 2019, the Sergeant Bluff Fire and Rescue, along with the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office, responded to 6533 Morningside Ave. for a report of a fire.  The structure on fire was the primary home residence of Dave Davenport.  No one sustained any injuries from the fire.  The fire was investigated by the Sgt. Bluff Fire and Rescue, Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office and the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Office. 

It was during the fire investigation that law enforcement first became aware of Mr. Davenport’s recent death.  Investigators spoke with medical staff at Mercy Hospital who advised that Mr. Davenport had suffered severe head trauma and passed away as a result of the head trauma.  Medical staff did not report any explanation for the head trauma.

Based on a recent fire at Mr. Davenport’s residence and time frame of his death, law enforcement requested that an autopsy be conducted on Mr. Davenport by the Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner (IOSME).  At this time, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation was also requested to assist with the suspicious death investigation.
On Monday October 28, 2019,the IOSME conducted a forensic autopsy on Mr. Davenport.  Based on information and facts known at that time, a preliminary autopsy report for Mr. Davenport’s death was given and ruled as a homicide.  

Law enforcement continued to investigate Mr. Davenport’s death as a homicide and followed up on several leads, collected and submitted evidence to be analyzed by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations Criminal Laboratory, and conducted numerous interviews and collected documents surrounding the investigation.

The Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Office reported that there was no evidence that the fire to Mr. Davenport’s primary residence was intentionally set and ruled the fire as accidental.

In August 2020, investigators met with members of the IOSME and reviewed all the case facts and findings from their investigation.  On September 2, 2020, after reviewing all the facts and findings from the law enforcement investigation, the IOSME revised Mr. Davenport's manner of death, ruling it as undetermined.  

Anyone with information related to this investigation should contact the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office at 712-279-6010, or the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation at 712-224-7680


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