November 27, 2022

Decatur County, Iowa - This is not a press release from the Iowa Department of Public Safety. It is being distributed on behalf of the Decatur County Sheriff's Office as a result of the Division of Criminal Investigation's participation in this investigation.

On 11-26-2022 at 0428 pm the Decatur County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of a burnt vehicle with a deceased subject, nearby, in a field  3-4 miles east of Leon IA. The Decatur County Sheriff's Office requested additional assistance from Iowa DCI, State Patrol and DNR. Neither the vehicle or the victim could be immediately identified. The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office has contacted surrounding area agencies inquiring about any missing person reports. This case remains under investigation and is pending autopsy results. Law enforcement does not suspect any nefarious activity at this time.
Further information will be released as it becomes available.


The Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the largest law enforcement agency in the state. It includes six divisions and several bureaus, all working together with local, state and federal government agencies and the private sector, to keep Iowa a safe place by following our core values: leadership, integrity, professionalism, courtesy, service and protection. Divisions within the Iowa DPS: Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement, Iowa State Patrol, Iowa State Fire Marshal Division, Iowa Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center, and Administrative Services Division. The Department of Public Safety is led by the Commissioner who is appointed by the Governor.

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