June 13, 2024

NEWTON, Iowa - As we prepare for the racing season at the Iowa Speedway, we would like to ask for your assistance during race weekends. The first NASCAR weekend will take place June 14th-16th, with attendance expected to be approximately 30,000 - 35,000 on Saturday and Sunday. Below are some traffic information and travel tips provided by the Iowa State Patrol for individuals traveling in Central Iowa while the race events are happening. 

  • The Iowa State Patrol, Iowa Department of Transportation, Newton Police Department, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, and Iowa Speedway officials will be working in conjunction with traffic control and parking companies to erect signs, sign boards, and cones to clearly mark travel routes for fans attending the races. 
  • Please leave for the track early, factoring in potential minor traffic delays near the Speedway. Arriving ahead of time remains the most effective strategy to alleviate congestion on the roads.
  • Please be aware of ongoing construction projects that may impact your travel plans, including the closure of a section of Highway 14 between Newton and Monroe, as well as County Road F-48 that is shut down for construction west of Newton. 
  • Following the races, exit ramps in both east and westbound directions at the 168 interchange will be temporarily closed. Additionally, post-event traffic on Iowa Speedway Drive at S 13th St. E. will be directed to ensure a safe and efficient flow of vehicles out of the area.
  • Parking lots open at noon (Friday 06/14), 7:00 AM (Saturday 06/15), 11:00 AM (Sunday 06/16)

As part of our dedication to a safe and pleasant race experience, kindly adhere to all traffic regulations, ensure seat belt usage for all passengers, and arrange for a designated driver when necessary.

We appreciate your cooperation and wish you safe travels!


The Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the largest law enforcement agency in the state. It includes seven divisions and several bureaus, all working together with local, state, and federal government agencies and the private sector to keep Iowa a safe place by following our core values: leadership, integrity, professionalism, courtesy, service, and protection. Divisions within the Iowa DPS: Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement, Iowa State Patrol, Iowa State Fire Marshal Division, Iowa Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center, Professional Development and Support Services Division, and Administrative Services Division. The Department of Public Safety is led by the Commissioner who is appointed by the Governor.

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