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About DPS




Iowa Department of Public Safety
Oran Pape State Office Building
215 E 7th St
Des Moines IA 50319


We Are DPS

The Iowa Department of Public Safety is under the leadership of the Commissioner of the Department, who is appointed by the Governor of the State of Iowa. 

The Office of the Commissioner houses the Commissioner, the Executive Officer to the Commissioner,  the Executive Secretary, the Professional Standards Bureau, the Strategic Communications Bureau, Legal Counsel, and the the Policy Advisor/Administrative Rules Coordinator/Legislative Liaison. 

DPS is made up of seven divisions: Administrative Services Division, Division of Criminal Investigation, Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center, Division of Narcotics, Iowa State Patrol Division, Professional Development and Support Services, and State Fire Marshal Division.

DPS is also home to the the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau (GTSB), Program Services Bureau, Finance Bureau, and Technology Solutions Bureau.

DCI: Cyber Crime Bureau, Field Operations Bureau, which includes the Major Crime Unit (MCU), and the Missing Person Information Clearinghouse (MPIC). Special Enforcement Operations Bureau.

DOI: Intelligence Operations Bureau, the Homeland Security and Analysis Bureau and the Iowa Office To Combat Human Trafficking. 

SFM: Fire Prevention Bureau, Arson and Explosives Bureau, Building Code Bureau, Electrical Licensing & Inspection Bureau, and the Fire Service Training Bureau. 


To serve the people of Iowa by providing public safety services with leadership, integrity and professionalism.


Guiding Principles and Core Values



Reduce preventable injuries and deaths
Suppress criminal activity
Reduce/minimize costs of compliance with government requirements
Promote integrity and excellence in the workforce



Iowa continues to be a safe and prosperous place to live and visit.